Month: December 2007

  • Lasik

    Off for laser eye surgery.  I doubt I’ll be online again today, but hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to make some site updates again. Also – I’m damn close to my bandwidth limit.  Seems one of my pictures of Christina Ricci made the front page of the Google image search for her, so I’m getting […]

  • Geek Fitness

    Time to get in shape, ya gelatinous geek, you

  • The ultimate in LCD durability

    I can’t help you with the spoken portion of this video, but I assure you that visually all your questions about the durabilty of Asus’ new sapphire-crystal protected LCD are well covered in the crossbow testing portion of the video. I don’t know what it costs, but given how pricey watches are with sapphire crystal […]

  • Mad song skills – video palindrome?

    This is a beautiful combination of singing and acting, built up to make a video that runs forward and then in again fully in reverse – yes, a palindromic video I suppose.  I figured out the song about 50-55 seconds in, but needed to wait another 30 seconds to get verification, as I wasn’t quite […]

  • Drunk Dudes 2007

    A gallery of the best “abuse of a drunk” photos of the year.  This is why you don’t drink with friends

  • W on R.E.M.

    The finest YouTube video I can recall seeing. Thanks, George (via boingboing)

  • Will Smith and Hitler

    If you web surf as much as I do, you’ve probably already seen this – various web sites are saying that Will Smith said Hitler was a good man. And naturally, many people are upset that anyone would claim Hitler was a good man. I guess people are really s000per upset that (*gasp*) a shhhh […]

  • In ur postal-slot

    All I can figure from this story is this couple has a standard mail-delivery slot in their door, and little Georgi waited there day after day to get a little cat-scratch-postman action going on. When Sarah and Ben Goddard’s mail delivery dried up to a trickle, the couple smelt a rat. But Goddards would have […]

  • That’s just how Rick rolls

    For all of you aware of the RickRoll ‘net meme, here’s an image homage to the man. I’ll stick with my love of LoL cats and AllUrBase memes instead, thank you very much.

  • How it’s made – Jawbreakers

    I love chomping on jawbreakers.  Pretty much any sugary treat is fine by me, but the durability/long-lasting nature of jawbreakers make them really good treats.  So when I saw the How It’s Made segment on jawbreakers, I thought it would be worth sharing.  Pay attention to how they form the compressed powder centers, particularly.  They […]

  • Mad bombers each get sentenced to 40,000 years in prison

    Think back to 2004.  There was a nasty set of explosions in Madrid, Spain which resulted in nearly 200 dead and 2,000 injured.  The explosions occurred just days before an election, and are attributed with the very high turnout and electoral win of socialists in that election.  After much court time and much mulling over […]

  • Congress-critters sucking on the wangs of the recording industry execs again

    In a move that is claimed to be for performers’ benefits, our Congress-critters have brought to the floors of each of the houses of Congress bills aimed at requiring radio stations to pay music performers who appear live on the stations. Rather than looking at live time on the air as a benefit for the […]