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  • Thinking of throwing your own Chickpox-party?

    Apparently, some people believe it is better to expose their children to full-strength deadly diseases and hope for the best than to vaccinate them. Thankfully, Ars Technica has the explanation of why this is a bad idea: Though most children who get the itchy, highly contagious viral disease go on to recover after a week […]

  • Homeopathic “medicines” Recalled Over Microbial Contamination

    Thanks to Ars Technica for pointing out this recall of kids’ homeopathic “medicines” over microbial contamination concerns. The fewer homeopathic products on the shelf, the better the world is. Because homeopathy doesn’t work. Really – it just doesn’t work.

  • The World is Warming

    Earth is warming. Slowly, and not noticeably so to most people, but nevertheless it is happening. More ways to see this are available in this Washington Post titled “Red hot planet: This summer’s punishing and historic heat in 7 maps and charts” and published Friday. I expect some people will read this and have something […]

  • Encrypting NFSv4 with STunnel

    I don’t have anything to add to this. Here’s a guide to setting up encrypted NFSv4 on Linux. Very detailed guide on the how and why.

  • The Top 100 Women of History

    I heard one of the local radio station’s morning crew talking this morning about the women who changed the world and decided it might be interesting to see what some thinkers online came up with for their top 10 or top 100. The first list I found was this ThoughtCo. list of the top 100 […]

  • Conservatives respond to DHS report on “right wing extremists”

    Very interesting video compilation of various conservative commentators on the report issued by the Department of Homeland Security earlier this month regarding risks of right wing extremists: What is particularly interesting is the last 10-15 seconds of the report.  This is the part almost no one seems to be reporting when expressing their false outrage […]

  • Dental care in the UK?

    I don’t know if the story I am about to link to is a very widespread issue or not, but if you believe the article it would seem that it is, and growing worse.  This is an article about a young lady who could not find proper dental care under the new national program put […]

  • On open-mindedness

    I’m a big fan of Skeptoid.  I listen to the podcast, well, almost religiously.  Brian Dunning shared this video recently via FaceBook. I found it as worthwhile as Brian did, and thought it worth passing on to my readers and friends. [tags]Skeptoid, Open mindedness, Skepticism[/tags]

  • OSSTMM version 3 coming soon?

    In a previous life, I was a computer security specialist.  I had a really cool job, and worked with really, really damn cool people (hi Gerald, Doug, Jon, et al).  I read (a tiny fraction of) all the cool security news.  I kept up to date on as many security topics as I could.  I […]

  • Chicago returns to its political roots

    Hell yes! This, dear reader, is how a political corruption scandal should break. None of this suspicion of vote fraud, no question of people kept away from the booth, no question of “Well maybe he didn’t really do that.” On December 9, federal agents arrested Democratic Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich on charges that he had […]

  • Would you take a job where you were paid *NOT* to work?

    Would you take a job where you were paid *NOT* to work? In recent discussions on the future viability of US auto manufacturers, one of the topics to come up was the UAW job bank program. According to that document, the basic guarantee from the 1987 agreement is that no eligible employee will be laid […]

  • Rep. Michelle Bachmann and the Urban Legend

    Today, we have a video daily double.  Play along at home and see if you can win the prize. In early October of this year, Rep. Michelle Bachmann said The news media should do a penetrating exposé and take a look.  I wish they would.  I wish the American media would take a great look […]