The ultimate in LCD durability

I can’t help you with the spoken portion of this video, but I assure you that visually all your questions about the durabilty of Asus’ new sapphire-crystal protected LCD are well covered in the crossbow testing portion of the video.

I don’t know what it costs, but given how pricey watches are with sapphire crystal protection, I’m betting a big screen covered with the same is really expensive.  On the other hand, that’s a damn fine looking bit of protection. Probably because sapphire crystal is pretty frikkin’ hard. Sadly, the monitor is not widescreen, the only really noticeable flaw for the display. (via /.)

One thought on “The ultimate in LCD durability”

  1. “The 20″ LCD monitor isn’t the cheapest available with a retail price that hovers between $350 and $400”

    I have to say though, they must of found that crossbow in an antique store. It has to be a pretty light crossbow if you can pull back the string that easy.


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