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  • The Skim Reaper – a Credit Card Skimmer Detector

    If you have heard about credit card skimmers, you probably know the advice to tug on a credit-card scanner before using it. That’s not really that effective against more and more of the scanners, as they are getting smaller, and more easily hidden within or on top of real scanners in such a way that […]

  • Do we need any other?

  • World’s Biggesterest laser – pew pew pew

    There are some things in the world that never get old. Zombies. Pirates. Ninja. Sharks. Dinosaurs. All these things we can count on to be perpetually cool. Top of the list for me, however, (and you already know this if you hang around the Blahg or me very much) is the topic of lasers. Sure, […]

  • OSSTMM version 3 coming soon?

    In a previous life, I was a computer security specialist.  I had a really cool job, and worked with really, really damn cool people (hi Gerald, Doug, Jon, et al).  I read (a tiny fraction of) all the cool security news.  I kept up to date on as many security topics as I could.  I […]

  • Cool new type of laser?

    Since we haven’t covered any really cool laser news in a while, it’s time to throw out our shark-powered story-hounds (and yes, I recognize the incongruity of that analogy) and see what pops up. Looks here like there is a story out on a new type of laser. While studying laser generation from a device […]

  • Coolest table ever?

    This image from a Flickr user is labeled Coolest Table Ever.  I don’t know if it’s the coolest, but it certainly is very cool and worth sharing. I’d buy it, given the chance.  I’m in to the eclectic. [tags]Flickr, Coolest table ever, Furniture, Cool[/tags]

  • Start slicing stuff – no sharks included

    So long, we have failed to talk lasers here on the Blahg.  If you’ve been around long, you know it’s one of our favorite topics.  But what is happening in the laser world?  What goes on when the Blahg doesn’t mention lasers?  If someone puts out news on a laser, and the Blahg doesn’t cover […]

  • 32G key, cheap

    Man, I soooo totally need to buy one of these.  I may just be in need of an upgrade of my 8 Gig USB key. DataTraveler 150 USB Flash drive is big news in mobile storage. With a capacity of 32GB, it lets you store more digital files than ever before on one drive. DataTraveler […]

  • Time Turner collectible?

    My wife and I have a friend who spends a lot of time at our house.  Honestly, she ends up doing more housecleaning than either of us quite frequently.  She babysits our kids so the wifey-person and I can go out, or when we have to work, or sometimes just so I can have time […]

  • Bejeweled Twist quick-impression

    I just downloaded PopCap game‘s newest – Bejeweled Twist.  The first couple versions of Bejeweled games grabbed me right away.  This one?  Meh. But then, I decided to start paying attention to what the game was offering.  The concept is simple – spin a set of four jewels, try to get three in a row.  […]

  • Watchmen – the graphic novel trailer

    I recently finished reading Alan Moore’s Watchmen again.  It is, quite simply, one of the best graphic novels ever written, I think.  The art is well done.  The story is thoughtful.  This is one of the graphic novels that made people recognize long-form comic as legitimate novel rather than just another comic format.  I had […]

  • CamTrax

    One of the coolest innovations I can recall seeing that would be useful for the computer geek. Oh, the gaming variations this would add.  (via TechCrunch)