Evel estate still owes millions to Saltman

With Evel Knieval’s body barely cooled to ground temperature, we now get news that Sally Saltman, the writer Evel beat with a baseball bat roughly 30 years ago, is trying to collect money owed him.  Saltman sued Knieval after Evel broke his arm with a baseball bat in retaliation for a book Evel thought was unflattering.  He won $12.5 million but (for reasons I haven’t found yet) never collected.  He figures that with interest, the Knieval estate now owes him roughly $100 million.

But we should also note the incident that led to the decline of Knievel’s career: In 1977, Knievel attacked a man who had written an unflattering book about him, swinging a baseball bat at his head and shattering the man’s arm, which he used to protect himself.

Knievel spent six months in jail, and and his reputation never completely recovered. The victim, Shelly Saltman, sued and won $12.75 million in damages.

Sounds like he is due the money.  The timing just makes him sound like a real prick, doesn’t it?

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Moebius transformations revealed

Today, the Blahg will help smartify you.  You may be a part of the large group of people who consider themselves non-mathified and non-mathy capable.  But with the help of the YouTube experts (and honestly, that’s two words you will rarely see together in a legitimate context), you can learn how Moebius transformations work.

So simple to understand visually, but probably still ass-kicking hard for most of us to do numerically.  Still, I just thought it looked so cool that I needed to share.

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