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  • Thinking of throwing your own Chickpox-party?

    Apparently, some people believe it is better to expose their children to full-strength deadly diseases and hope for the best than to vaccinate them. Thankfully, Ars Technica has the explanation of why this is a bad idea: Though most children who get the itchy, highly contagious viral disease go on to recover after a week […]

  • Horrific Experiments

    Popular Science with a story on 7 psychological experiments that were ill-conceived, unethical, horrific, or all of the above. Project MKUltraFrom 1953 to 1973, the CIA funded covert research on mind control at dozens of reputable institutions, including universities and hospitals. A source of inspiration to horror-fueled shows like Stranger Things and films like Conspiracy Theory, the covert project […]

  • It’s a bone – woof!

    This one from my brother: My wife works for the Humane Society. As a result, every gift giving occasion ends up with her receiving all sorts of animal related tchotskys and trinkets. And, when you turn it around, it’s… You’ll have to hit the link to see why it’s so funny. [tags]Bones, Humane Society, Funny, […]

  • Chicago returns to its political roots

    Hell yes! This, dear reader, is how a political corruption scandal should break. None of this suspicion of vote fraud, no question of people kept away from the booth, no question of “Well maybe he didn’t really do that.” On December 9, federal agents arrested Democratic Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich on charges that he had […]

  • Would you take a job where you were paid *NOT* to work?

    Would you take a job where you were paid *NOT* to work? In recent discussions on the future viability of US auto manufacturers, one of the topics to come up was the UAW job bank program. According to that document, the basic guarantee from the 1987 agreement is that no eligible employee will be laid […]

  • Never doubt the ‘hoff

    He is one of the greatest performers ever, wouldn’t you agree?  This is 211 seconds of heaven wrapped up in a sexy black spycoat and wintry fur… I hear he is huge in Germany, although all the video I’ve seen him makes me think he’s really the same size as all the other people there.  […]

  • Sorry for the what?

    A friend recently uploaded this image on FaceBook.  I just had to share it. You know – that really is the kind of thing one should apologize for, too. [tags]Humor, Sorry for the incontinence, Closed today, Private party[/tags]

  • Protected speech?

    Should betting on predicted Presidential assassination date be legal? Is betting on the assassination date of a newly elected President free speech? I would say yes, although it sure is poor taste. Is offering a betting pool on the assassination date and then saying Let’s hope someone wins similarly protected? I would argue that it […]

  • My FaceBook WTF?!? moment

    Anyone who uses FaceBook knows there are ads in the sidebar.  I usually ignore them – I’ve been online long enough to automagically tune that stuff out.  Today, however, the FaceBook ad server caught my attention with this WTF moment: Now I have to figure out just what I’m doing in my surfing that makes […]

  • ExtremeTech: Technologies we wish had caught on

    Recently, I was reading an article at ExtremeTech discussing technologies the site editors wish had caught on. For the most part, I can see why the article creators wish the technologies had caught on, but I confess that I am mostly indifferent to or mildly in disagreement with the items they listed. One mention, however, […]

  • Zune pass, the minimalistically-readable user agreement

    Hey Microsoft, could we get the Zune pass user agreement in a slightly larger box so we can read more than 3-5 lines before we have to scroll? Please? [tags]Microsoft, Zune, Web interface, User experience[/tags]

  • How many mice

    Stupid humor time, served via image: I have no recollection where I got this. [tags]Mice joke, Stupid humor, How many mice[/tags]