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  • 16-bit Avengers

    I’m completely baffled by how someone would do this. But wow!

  • Do we need any other?

  • Coolest table ever?

    This image from a Flickr user is labeled Coolest Table Ever.  I don’t know if it’s the coolest, but it certainly is very cool and worth sharing. I’d buy it, given the chance.  I’m in to the eclectic. [tags]Flickr, Coolest table ever, Furniture, Cool[/tags]

  • Bejeweled Twist quick-impression

    I just downloaded PopCap game‘s newest – Bejeweled Twist.  The first couple versions of Bejeweled games grabbed me right away.  This one?  Meh. But then, I decided to start paying attention to what the game was offering.  The concept is simple – spin a set of four jewels, try to get three in a row.  […]

  • How it’s Made: Vinyl

    Just watched this on TV.  So cool: Now I just need to find time to fix the site so I can start sharing cool stuff again. [tags]How It’s Made, Vinyl, YouTube, Video, Cool, Analog[/tags]

  • Mathematics: A visual exploration

    While checking out the latest news on some of the geeky things that interest me, I found a link to this visual walk through of mathematics. The most interesting facet of the Dimensions Math page to me, and what made me think I needed to post about it, is that the 2 hour video that […]

  • CamTrax

    One of the coolest innovations I can recall seeing that would be useful for the computer geek. Oh, the gaming variations this would add.  (via TechCrunch)

  • Quick draw

    For my gun enthusiast visitors. I worked with a fellow years ago who claimed to have a rated speed of 0.02 seconds for draw and fire motion of his handgun. I was skeptical, but knew this guy to not be one to brag in general, so I tentatively accepted his claim although I never could […]

  • Optimus keyboard

    You can finally order your Optimus keyboard from ThinkGeek for a mere $1600. Well – you can kinda… While checking this to make a post, I noticed it is currently out of stock. But this is a bit of forward movement from the last 2 years of story-without-substance. Just some of the highlights/features of this […]

  • Air drops gone bad

    Here’s what happens when cargo air drops don’t quite go as planned. Fun times for all (via Danger Room)

  • Don’t rush me, dude

    As is made clear below, in some cases a bit more patience than normal is required. Sure, it’s meaningless, but I thought it was interesting in a slow sort of way. [tags]Sloth, Cross the road, I know there’s a joke in there somewhere[/tags]

  • Photoshop disasters

    I’m always amazed at how much a bunch of small changes can really change an image. I mean, yes I know that it’s not that hard to change the images, and yes I know that I should expect big changes from a bunch of small changes. But the results still impress me. However, on the […]