Mad bombers each get sentenced to 40,000 years in prison

Think back to 2004.  There was a nasty set of explosions in Madrid, Spain which resulted in nearly 200 dead and 2,000 injured.  The explosions occurred just days before an election, and are attributed with the very high turnout and electoral win of socialists in that election.  After much court time and much mulling over the facts by the judge, penalties have been handed out for some of the agents responsible for the attacks.

A Spanish court has convicted three of the eight men accused of playing a central role in the 2004 Madrid train bombings and sentenced each of them to almost 40,000 years in prison.

But then there’s the downside.  Sure, a 40,000 year sentence sounds appropriate, but Spanish law puts a teeny little dent in that:

Despite the sentences, under Spanish law nobody can stay in prison for more than 40 years.

So in the end, these thugs/low-life scum will only serve 40 years and then get 39,960 years probation.  On the other hand, hopefully other Spanish inmates will treat them with the same respect and TLC as our own American inmates would if they were imprisoned here.