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  • Why is my ‘net Speed in the Crapper?

    So I recently called my ISP to complain about some service issues and billing disagreements. Since then, my internet speed has been noticeably worse. I used to get 70-80 Mbps throughput on my line, which I believe is supposed to be rated at 100 Mbps. My latency is typically in the 20-80 ms range. I […]

  • Our climate of fear

    This message is approved by the fear promoters in our current administration: Don’t let freedom win. [tags]Fear, Freedom, Fascism[/tags]

  • Kelly Tilghman and that lynching thing

    So recently, The Golf Channel’s golf commentator and hottie (2nd designation mine, not TGC’s) Kelly Tilghman made a comment with a most unfortunate choice of words regarding Tiger Woods, his golf skills, and advice to lesser golfers attempting to match him. Tilghman made a shocking comment during Friday’s telecast of the PGA Tour’s opening event. […]

  • Hannah Montana fans whine over, well, nothing

    Boo-hoo. Cry me a river. Some Hannah Montana fans are apparently upset that for approximately 120 seconds during the Hannah Montana tour appearance, Miley Cyrus is off-stage and a body double plays the part so Ms. Cyrus can change from character Hannah Montana into real-sefl Miley Cyrus. “Then they covered her with a black sheet […]

  • Will Smith and Hitler

    If you web surf as much as I do, you’ve probably already seen this – various web sites are saying that Will Smith said Hitler was a good man. And naturally, many people are upset that anyone would claim Hitler was a good man. I guess people are really s000per upset that (*gasp*) a shhhh […]

  • Congress-critters sucking on the wangs of the recording industry execs again

    In a move that is claimed to be for performers’ benefits, our Congress-critters have brought to the floors of each of the houses of Congress bills aimed at requiring radio stations to pay music performers who appear live on the stations. Rather than looking at live time on the air as a benefit for the […]

  • The Golden Compass viewer reviews

    I’ve recently spent some time reading user reviews of the movie The Golden Compass on Yahoo.  I just want to point out to all the people there complaining about the movie that a) you are an idiot if you rate a movie you haven’t even seen just because it has a different message than you […]

  • Airport security still sucks and the rules continue to be idiotic

    Recently, my wife went on a trip and chose the old standard air-travel for getting where she was going. On the way to her destination, she had to throw away her yogurt she had brought to eat while waiting for the plane. On her way home, she had to throw away her 8-ounce toothpaste that […]

  • Please *DO NOT* buy BioShock

    I started downloading the BioShock demo Monday night and went to bed while the download completed. I loaded the demo Tuesday morning, played for about 5 minutes, and bought the game – the demo is awesome enough to convince me the whole game will be great, and I love Irrational’s work that I’ve played in […]

  • BellSouth hates Firefox

    I’m not sure why, exactly, after years of amazing growth, the Firefox community still faces crap like this: I’m trying something simple – I want to see if I can get a DSL connection for my mother’s house. She doesn’t need a cable-connection and it’s associated $40/month, so I was looking for a simple $20 […]

  • Google reader gripe

    I’ve been using Bloglines as my RSS reader for a long time now.  While searching for something totally unrelated on the big, wild, intarw3b, I found this LifeHacker article singing the praises of Google Reader.  Intrigued, I decided to take a look.  First, let me point out that the LifeHacker article, so full of praise […]

  • Anyone care to remind me how much a single bullet costs?

    Man, people like this really peeve me. Enough for me to feel we need harsher punishments for people who intentionally cause harm to children – thus the price of one bullet question above. WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – A Florida woman accused of using aliases to adopt 11 New York children received as much as […]