Month: September 2007

  • Halp am not…

    Another from the LOLcats meme that I enjoy so much. This is one of the best ones I’ve seen, I think. Now I want a cup of hot chocolate. [tags]Halp am not kocoa, LOLcats, LOL, Help, Cocoa[/tags]

  • Political test

    Somewhere in my recent wanderings of the vast web-o-space, I found this political testing site which aims to give you a simplified graphic view of where you sit in the political spectrum. Attempting to expand the traditional political view from a simple left/right setting, the test gives results along an economic as well as social […]

  • High heels are actually good for you

    Who knew? Turns out that Science Digest let us all in on the secret 50 years ago – high heels are good for a woman’s posture, leg appearance, and breasts. High-heeled shoes are physically and psychologically best for women’s wear, says a British doctor, contrary to the opinions of many authorities. Careful tests on special […]

  • Dice stacking

    I have no idea how he does this.  I don’t even know if it’s real.  But dayum, it’s cool. Yes, it’s a bit long at almost 10 minutes, but it goes by quickly.  The technique is just that fascinating.  (via boingboing) [tags]Dice stacking[/tags]

  • That line rider thing

    A recent Games for Windows magazine has a 2-page layout about Line Rider. In the article there are links to some more good Line Rider videos, plus mention of a fan site by one of the premier Line Rider artists.

  • Build your own Segway-style scooter

    Don’t have several thousand dollars in the wallet to spare, but really want your own Segway?  Well, you could always try the Do-it-yourself homebuilt Segway-style scooter if you have the skills for that. Self-balancing scooters, like the Segwayâ„¢ are often thought to be technological miracles, but it is not actually very hard to build one. […]

  • Squirrel obstacle course

    No, I don’t have any idea what the backstory is. I just found it funny. [tags]Squirrels, Obstacle Course, WTF?[/tags]

  • The story of the travelling nukes

    I remember reading about the recent slip in which half a dozen missiles with nuclear warheads were flown from North Dakota to Louisiana before being discovered. I didn’t say anything about it back then because there really wasn’t a lot of good information on it, and I figured most visitors would miss it if I […]

  • It is good to get wood

    I love wood. There’s something good about having some sturdy wood all day, you know. The look of good wood in your hands is really memorable. That’s why I’ve been thinking about getting wood for my wife. Of course, since we don’t have an iPhone, we can’t use this particular wood replacement, but I’m thinking […]

  • When gaming cliches go real

    As gamers, we often realize how precarious the fate of the universe can be. Often, most people think all is going well and the universe is not mere moments from ceasing to exist. However, there are beings out there, waiting the perfect adventurer to come so that they might hand out a quest which ultimately […]

  • See through pinball machine

    Pinball machines are cool. I keep looking around, trying to find a decent machine locally at a price I can afford. I pretty much always fail, but I still look. So when I saw this see-through pinball machine highlighted over on boingboing, I just had to post about it. This is a machine I wish […]

  • The Ultimate Steal

    Students – get your legal copy of Microsoft Office Ultimate for only $60 .