It is good to get wood

I love wood. There’s something good about having some sturdy wood all day, you know. The look of good wood in your hands is really memorable. That’s why I’ve been thinking about getting wood for my wife.


Of course, since we don’t have an iPhone, we can’t use this particular wood replacement, but I’m thinking about trying to find a wood case replacement like this one for her iPod.


That looks much better than these (admittedly cool but not as cool) wooden iPod cases, doesn’t it?


So, all kinds of choices, but I have a feeling that to give my wife some good hard wood, I’ll have to do all the work myself.

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2 thoughts on “It is good to get wood”

  1. I know you, and you are not the kind of guy that knows what it takes to give your wife some decent wood. She would be lucky to end up with a splinter or two.

    Now, I would be happy to help your wife out. I could give her some outstanding, quality, hard wood. I would come over, lay it all out for her, let her touch it and play with it a while. I bet she is so elated by it that she will want to rub it up and down both cheeks. And in the end… she will simply have such rapturous praise for my wood she ask for my wood in ways that you never thought would be in her. Again and again.

    My calendar is pretty open. I can come in the evening and she can tell you about it when you get home. You have my number…


  2. boys, boys, boys………….

    Did you notice the line that his calendar was pretty open……….

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