High heels are actually good for you

Who knew? Turns out that Science Digest let us all in on the secret 50 years ago – high heels are good for a woman’s posture, leg appearance, and breasts.


High-heeled shoes are physically and psychologically best for women’s wear, says a British doctor, contrary to the opinions of many authorities.

Careful tests on special scales have shown, said Dr. Owen McDonagh, that high heels throw the weight onto the heel rather than onto the toes, as is frequently charged.

Physically, he said, the added weight on the heel eliminates slouching, produces more healthy breathing, and adds inches to the bust.

“But the greatest effect is the psychological one,” Dr. McDonagh went on. climaxing a debate carried on in the British Medical Journal.

“Long legs are admired, and the high heel gives the impression of greater leg length. They give a sensation of slimness.”

A different opinion came from Dr. Reginald Payne, according to the Chicago Tribune, who said high heels produce bow legs and knock knees, and that if men tried to put animals into such contraptions, every anti-cruelty league would have a fit.

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