Day: July 19, 2006

  • RPU – Ray Tracing Processing Unit

    (via Tingilinde) I have no details on this beyond what the brief note at Tingilinde, but apparently the August 2006 issue of Scientific American has an introductory article to new ray tracing hardware.  The information in the article was part of a talk at SigGraph 2005.  Looks like I’ll need to head to the bookstore […]

  • Eye candy – NSFW object of adoration

    Thumbnail shown – click image for NSFW full size image. [tags]Eye Candy, Katherine Heigl[/tags]

  • Double-barrel cigarette holder

    This brief article from the November 1931 issue of Modern Mechanix has the accessory every smoker needs: Double-Barrel Cigarette Holder We don’t know whether the cigarette manufacturers were behind this idea, but it might be a good idea for them to give away one of these new holders to all smokers. Just think how cigarette […]

  • Superhero stamps for the US postal service

    It appears I learned about these just in time – the new superhero stamps are due out Friday, July 21st (edit: was Thursday, July 20th). So tomorrow Friday after I drop the kids off at school, I suppose I’ll need to swing by the post office and buy a couple of sheets of stamps. Then, […]

  • Team Fortress 2 details emerge

    (via TechEBlog) In developement for almost as long as Prey and Duke Nukem Forever, Team Fortress 2 is probably one of the most anticipated, least known about game on the gaming horizon. Valve has just released a brief gameplay video showing the current state of the game. Just like its predecessor, in Team Fortress 2 […]

  • FDA likely to say no to bionic eye recently posted this article about the FDA’s refusal to approve a bionic eye. I changed the headline to indicate the FDA is likely to say no. Here’s why: In the 1970s TV show “The Six Million Dollar Man,” the strapping young astronaut got a bionic eye. A U.S. company had hoped that next year […]

  • Karateka, remade

    I can’t recall what got me looking around for Karateka information, but I’ve been surprised at how much I’ve found. The first thing I stumbled upon was a page who’s author says he has done a Karateka remake. With the remake, you go from the original graphics: to the new graphics:

  • Bush’s threat to veto stem cell funding is morally bankrupt?

    (via boingboing) Let me start by saying that I am not linking to this article because I agree nor because I disagree. I simply don’t know enough about the stem cell research debate to judge whether or not it is good or bad to perform the research or limit money for doing so. I am […]

  • BBC: Disney axes 650 global film jobs

    I find the BBC’s wording of that headline curious, given who’s birthday it is today. That said, this doesn’t sound like happy-fun-rosy times at Disney now, does it? US entertainment giant Disney is to cut 650 jobs worldwide as part of plans to produce fewer adult-oriented films and concentrate on family blockbusters. The firm is […]

  • CinemaNow to Offer Burnable Film Downloads

    I’ll be watching this to see how it works out. I’m interested in the limitations put on the burned discs. CinemaNow will soon start selling downloads of popular films that can be transferred, or “burned,” to blank DVDs for use with home DVD players, and such Hollywood heavies as Walt Disney’s Buena Vista Home Entertainment […]

  • New wonder in shaving! Electric razors now available

    Bringing us an article from the February 1932 issue of Modern Mechanix, the web site Modern Mechanix has the all the details on these new fancy contraptions. AT LAST the electrical dry shave is with us! Requiring no blades, no lather, no cleaning, the ingenious razor shown in action in the photo at the left […]

  • Are you getting enough caffeine?

    (via boingboing) I drink Mountain Dew.  I actually like the taste of it.  A few years ago, I converted to diet Mountain Dew, since as much as I drink meant I was taking in an extra 500-1000 calories a day in sugar.  I know the diet drinks have other problems associated with them, but Mountain […]