New wonder in shaving! Electric razors now available

electric_razor_sml.jpgBringing us an article from the February 1932 issue of Modern Mechanix, the web site Modern Mechanix has the all the details on these new fancy contraptions.

AT LAST the electrical dry shave is with us! Requiring no blades, no lather, no cleaning, the ingenious razor shown in action in the photo at the left gives a cleaner shave than any conventional type razor, it is claimed.

Plug the razor into a wall socket and it’s ready for use—no hot water or towels required. The razor cuts the hair in exactly the same way as the clippers used by barbers. It has but one moving part.

Yeah, I need to get one of those. Why, supposedly, you can’t even cut yourself with one of these fancy ‘lectric razors.

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