Superhero stamps for the US postal service

stamps_dccomics_600s-b.jpgIt appears I learned about these just in time – the new superhero stamps are due out Friday, July 21st (edit: was Thursday, July 20th). So tomorrow Friday after I drop the kids off at school, I suppose I’ll need to swing by the post office and buy a couple of sheets of stamps. Then, I can take two of each stamp and mail one of each of them to my children. My dad did this for me when I was younger, and that’s what got me started collecting stamps. Sadly, I no longer know where all my stamps are. Nothing I had was worth much anyway, but I hate losing the collection.  Just for kicks, maybe I should ask my mother if she still has my stamps.
To see a larger view of the stamps, click on the above image. The full view will open in a new window.  To see the full list of heros on the stamps, follow the link to the full article:

Characters featured in the stamps are:

  • Batman: Young Bruce Wayne mastered all forms of combat after his parents were killed. He uses his wealth to equip himself with the tools to become the great crime fighter. He made his debut in 1939 and was joined by Robin a year later.
  • Wonder Woman: A figure of strength, beauty and courage, she has been inspiring women since her first appearance in 1941.
  • Plastic Man: After an accident at a chemical plant gives Eel O’Brian the ability to stretch and alter his shape, he renounces his criminal past and becomes the longest arm of the law. He debuted in 1941.
  • Superman: The Man of Steel first appeared in 1938 and has been an icon ever since. Raised in Smallville, the baby from Planet Krypton uses superpowers to battle evil.
  • Green Lantern: Launched with the space age, test pilot Hal Jordan became Green Lantern, a galactic peace officer with an emerald power ring.
  • The Flash: Police scientist Barry Allen is transformed into the fastest man alive in 1956 by an explosive mixture of lightning and laboratory chemicals.
  • Aquaman: The former King of the Seven Seas remains is determined to protect both the Atlanteans and surface dwellers from those who endanger them, using his strength, speed and ability to communicate with marine life.
  • Hawkman: He has artificial wings powered by the mysterious “Nth metal” which allow him to soar through the sky in pursuit of evildoers. He is a master of ancient weapons.
  • Supergirl: Superman’s cousin arrives on Earth as an impressionable teenager and eventually becomes his secret weapon.
  • Green Arrow: First appearing in 1941, the Emerald Archer learns his skills while trapped on a desert island. He later escapes to become a modern Robin Hood

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2 thoughts on “Superhero stamps for the US postal service”

  1. You do know that stamps are worth more when they have not been postmarked right?


  2. First day issue date cancelled stamps on unopened envelopes are collector’s items. I had several new cancelled stamps with date of issue cancellations on the envelopes when I was younger. They were worth substantially more than the stamps themselves. I wish I could find them and see what I had, but I suspect my mother threw them away years ago.


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