Team Fortress 2 details emerge

(via TechEBlog)

250px-Team_Fortress_2_Group_Photo.jpgIn developement for almost as long as Prey and Duke Nukem Forever, Team Fortress 2 is probably one of the most anticipated, least known about game on the gaming horizon. Valve has just released a brief gameplay video showing the current state of the game.

Just like its predecessor, in Team Fortress 2 players will be able to choose to play as one of several archetypal classes at the start of a match, each with its own unique strengths and weaknesses

Head over to Wikipedia for more information on the development and vaporware view of this game:

Team Fortress 2 is the long-anticipated sequel to the original Team Fortress mod for Quake being developed by Valve Corporation. It is a multiplayer team-based first-person shooter with strategy elements. The game has been through various concepts and designs: in 1999 the game appeared to be deviating from the original Team Fortress by heading toward a more realistic and militaristic style of gameplay, and the design metamorphosed further over the game’s seven-year development. The final rendition of Team Fortress 2 currently appears to bear more resemblance to the original Team Fortress design, and sports a distinctive, cartoonish visual style.

The lack of information or apparent progress for six years of the game’s supposed development caused it to be labelled as vaporware, and it was regularly featured in the top 5 of Wired Magazine‘s annual vaporware list among other ignominies.

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