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  • Blender 2.79b

    When last I was active blahgging, I mentioned an update to Blender had been released recently. Since that time, a lot has happened in the world of 3D modeling. I have tried to learn how to use Blender, buying and viewing video tutorial courses, books, and spending time reading the documentation. I still can’t create […]

  • Laptop 64 – Ben Heck strikes again

    Is there anyone else out there capable of pulling off the work Ben Heck does? Honestly, I’ve seen a few people do similar mods to portablize game consoles or vintage computers, but no one with the breadth of neat hacks that Ben has done. The latest bit from him is the rejiggering of “Classic” computer […]

  • Eye Candy voting

    I haven’t posted a good eye candy picture in a while, so I feel a need to rectify that. However, I can’t quite decide which subject should make my next Eye Candy focus. I’ve just started watching the new Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles show, so I have Summer Glau on my mind (along with […]

  • Celebrity geeks routinely cranks out great articles, and their recent “8 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Geeks” is no exception. I first opened this up (courtesy digg) figuring it would just be of interest to me. But since the first celeb listed is the uber-sexay and even smarter Natalie Portman, I figured I could post here […]

  • Hottest women of 2007

    Because I am such a pig, and because I haven’t had an eye-candy image up lately, I’ll point out’s top 99 women of 2007 for your viewing pleasure.  Look for more real activity on the site in the coming week as I either get my hosting problems resolved or move to another host.

  • Eye candy – …as a redhead

    Over at some random site I found while searching for eye candy I could post on the site, I found this post showing a few Hollywoodies photochopped to redheads.  Normally, I’d look and move on.  However, I just had to post when I saw this before and after of Hayden Panettiere. As you may or […]

  • Eye candy – I dig Amy Lee

    Again with the freaky chick thing. Man, she’s so sexy. [tags]Eye candy, Amy Lee, Freaky chick, Evanescence[/tags]

  • Eye Candy – more freaky chick pics

    I have a thing for freaky looking chicks. And to me, that’s a term of deep admiration, not an insult. Lately, the freaky chick I’ve been paying attention to is Amy Lee from the band Evanescence. She’s very pretty, and into the goth freaky look. See? Pretty. Freaky. Mmmmmm.  I looooove those boots. [tags]Amy Lee, […]

  • Eye Candy – just for me edition

    Another eye candy post that’s really just for me.  I don’t know many folks who have the hots for Ms. Ricci, but I’ve had a thing for her for so many years it’s absurd. [tags]Eye Candy, Christina Ricci[/tags]

  • Eye Candy – Lost edition

    OK, I’ve finally started watching Lost.  I’m only 2.5 seasons behind.  I wasn’t that interested at first, but after about 4 episodes, it started clicking with me.  So here’s an eye candy babe I’ve been seeing a lot of on Lost.

  • Eye Candy – Jennifer Korbin naughty edition

    OK, I’ll let you imagine your own further captions for this one.   [tags]Eye Candy, Jennifer Korbin[/tags]

  • Eye Candy – Jennifer Korbin

    I hadn’t even heard of this young lady before, but I found her picture while looking for pictures of someone else.  Since I love red-heads, I couldn’t resist posting a Jennifer Korbin eye candy image here. [tags]Eye Candy, Jennifer Korbin[/tags]