Happy Birthday, Ms. Axe Master

180px-LizzieBorden1893.jpgBorn today in 1860 is the fabulous Ms. Lizzie Borden. She may not have been the prettiest or smartest girl in her class, but she could handle an axe like few others at that time. And, she was quite masterful at telling tall tales as to where she really was when the fateful event occurred.  There is so much to her tale and so much history in there.  Why not learn a little bit more about the dear young lady?

Despite her acquittal, Lizzie Borden remains in popular imagination as a brutal murderess. This is due in part to the following:

  • The murders were never solved.
  • For a number of years, on the anniversary of the murders, the more sensational press re-accused her of the crime.
  • The infamous doggerel endured, insinuating her guilt into the public mind thereafter.

The home where the murders occurred is now a bed and breakfast which enjoys considerable popularity. The house is also open for daily tours. Ongoing work has restored the home to a close approximation of its 1892 condition. “Maplecroft,” the mansion Lizzie bought after her acquittal, on then-fashionable French Street is privately owned, and only occasionally available for touring.

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