Are you getting enough caffeine?

(via boingboing)
I drink Mountain Dew.  I actually like the taste of it.  A few years ago, I converted to diet Mountain Dew, since as much as I drink meant I was taking in an extra 500-1000 calories a day in sugar.  I know the diet drinks have other problems associated with them, but Mountain Dew is one of the few caffeinated drinks I can tolerate, and I’ve not figured how to get more sleep on a consistent basis yet.

That all said, if you ever wondered if you were getting enough/too much/too little caffeine from your beverage of choice, then cspinet has a guide to help you determine how much you are getting.  For the record, here are some numbers that help me decide what to consume.

  • Coffee, grande (16 oz.) Starbucks -  550
  • NoDoz, Regular Strength (1) – 100
  • Mountain Dew (12 oz.) – 55
  • Water, caffeinated (Edge 2 O), (8 oz.) – 70

Now I need to track down an affordable provider of that caffeinated water and I’ll be able to drop my Mountain Dew habit *AND* get a boost to my caffeine intake.  W00t!