World’s Biggesterest laser – pew pew pew

There are some things in the world that never get old. Zombies. Pirates. Ninja. Sharks. Dinosaurs. All these things we can count on to be perpetually cool. Top of the list for me, however, (and you already know this if you hang around the Blahg or me very much) is the topic of lasers. Sure, … Continue reading “World’s Biggesterest laser – pew pew pew”

Cool new type of laser?

Since we haven’t covered any really cool laser news in a while, it’s time to throw out our shark-powered story-hounds (and yes, I recognize the incongruity of that analogy) and see what pops up. Looks here like there is a story out on a new type of laser. While studying laser generation from a device … Continue reading “Cool new type of laser?”

Record-setting high-intensity laser beam

You’ve got your laser.  You’ve got your high intensity.  You’ve got your awesome name – HERCULES.  What missing? If you could hold a giant magnifying glass in space and focus all the sunlight shining toward Earth onto one grain of sand, that concentrated ray would approach the intensity of a new laser beam made in … Continue reading “Record-setting high-intensity laser beam”

Lasers are old, you know?

I’m not really sure when the brilliant hybrid of frikkin’ sharks and laser-beams came about, but it’s pretty clear from this 1963 article on cutting wood with a beam of light that the frikkin’ sharks didn’t yet have frikkin’ laser-beams on their frikkin’ heads – at least, not in popular culture. There was probably an … Continue reading “Lasers are old, you know?”

Blue lasers get power bump, speed bump naturally follows

Recent research in Japan has produced a more powerful blue-violet diode laser which will make for faster next-generation disc burning. Japanese Nichia Corp. has developed a blue-violet semiconductor laser diode, featuring a power high enough for burning Blu-Ray and HD DVD media at high speeds. Nichia’s new laser diode is able to emit pulsed light … Continue reading “Blue lasers get power bump, speed bump naturally follows”

More laser advances

There isn’t much in the universe cooler than lasers. Pirates with lasers. Ninjas with lasers. Frikkin sharks with frikkin laser beams on their frikkin heads. Undead killer zombies with lasers. And, of course, undead killer pirate ninja zombie sharks with frikkin lasers on their frikkin heads. Given the lack of all of the above (with … Continue reading “More laser advances”

Sharp to produce blue laser diodes

Laser news!!! W00 w0000! Sharp Corporation will be investing significant sums into facilities for blue diode laser production. This should help in Blu-ray disc production, which I would imagine will help Sony with PS3 production, as well. Also, a fast ramp-up in blue diode laser production could help Sony shave a bit off the cost … Continue reading “Sharp to produce blue laser diodes”

Claims of new diode laser power record

With output of 714 W of continuous wavelength operation, Newport’s Spectra-Physics division seems to have set a diode laser power record using its ProLight diode laser. The result was achieved in a non-destructive test with 940 nm diode laser bars that incorporate Spectra Physics’ latest epitaxial design and a “start-of-the-art” growth process. “Our diode laser … Continue reading “Claims of new diode laser power record”