The latest laser news

So here’s the latest handy laser news. And this one is a cool technology that I think I can improve with a simple suggestion. Read on and find out how I would make this better.

Cascase, a specialist in anti-terrorism laser technology, yesterday said it had signed a licensing deal with French telecomms giant Alcatel that could reap revenues in the “tens of millions” of pounds for the Scottish company.

The Strathclyde University spin-out has developed a laser-based system for detecting drugs, explosives and hazardous compounds in the air, and the deal with Alcatel is regarded as a major milestone in getting its anti-terrorism products to market.

I suspect that right away, any regular reader of my site knows the way to improve this technology. Mount the frikkin’ laser detection device on the head of a frikkin’ shark. If the sensor goes off when a traveller passes the detection checkpoint, CHOMP goes the shark. Problem solved, threat averted, and the cost of prosecuting folks carrying illegal compounds on flights goes way down. Sure, the shark might occasionally CHOMP an innocent due to a false positive, but I look at that as an R&D issue – besides, it keeps feeding costs down, too.

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