Lasers for saving the Navy some money

If there is a task which would be better suited for sharks with frikkin’ laser beams on their heads than this, I don’t know what it is. Using a grant from the National Science Foundation, Professor Daniel Bubb and his team have come up with a new method for coating polymers. With this new approach, … Continue reading “Lasers for saving the Navy some money”

New laser trimming robot

To be shown at the upcoming IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show) in Chicago is the AccuTrim WJ-110 six-axis robot with Abrasive Water Jet from Robotic Production Technology (RPT). At the show, RPT will demonstrate three-dimensional, abrasive water jet trimming of a stainless steel part. During the demonstration, the part will be approximately placed into the … Continue reading “New laser trimming robot”

Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser

(via TechEBlog) Blah, blah this. Blah, blah that. Reading the news some days can just leave you wondering “Where’s the good stories?” Well, unless, of course, you read your daily news here. In which case you’ll be wondering “Can I ever be as awesome as Randy?” The answer is, no. But you can try. The … Continue reading “Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser”

TechEBlog’s top 5 strangest laser projects

While catching up on my TechEBlog reading, I saw their list of the top 5 strangest laser projects. Given my love to lasers, I thought this was the kind of useless knowledge I needed to pass on. YouTube videos for each project are included on the TechEBlog page. #2 – For those with either a … Continue reading “TechEBlog’s top 5 strangest laser projects”

Laser Focus World magazine

With a name like Laser Focus World, are you even surprised I post it? With the tagline “The Magazine for the Photonics & Optoelectronics Industry” I’m interested in it just for the name. Hey, I like lasers. What can I say? Check out some recent Laser Focus World headlines: Laser desorption of hydrogen could be … Continue reading “Laser Focus World magazine”

How lasers are going to work for you

Another Modern Mechanix moment here on Blah, Blah, Blahg. I’ve gotten hooked on this site, and find great articles from days past that are interesting to me. This latest is a 1970 Popular Science article reproduced for your edification. The light fantastic is no longer a scientific curiosity: It’s now being used for just about … Continue reading “How lasers are going to work for you”

Nexus Wicked laser review

(via TechEBlog) I’ve written about Wicked lasers before.  These are some very high powered lasers that you can get to have around the house.  By high powered, I mean something able to cut through a garbage bag or electrical tape.  So if you’re trying to decide whether a $1000 blue laser is worth your money, … Continue reading “Nexus Wicked laser review”

Build your own laser listening device

(via Hack-a-day) Have you ever wanted to build your own laser listening device so you could act like one of those cool S000per sekrit! spies?  Well, here’s your guide.  The audio isn’t really that good, but it’s a start.  Get one built, and improve it.  Also, the original guide used to put together this laser … Continue reading “Build your own laser listening device”