Blue lasers get power bump, speed bump naturally follows

Recent research in Japan has produced a more powerful blue-violet diode laser which will make for faster next-generation disc burning.

Japanese Nichia Corp. has developed a blue-violet semiconductor laser diode, featuring a power high enough for burning Blu-Ray and HD DVD media at high speeds.

Nichia’s new laser diode is able to emit pulsed light at 320mW, while it offers a stable operation of 1,000 hours, according to the company. The diode could be used for optical discs including Blu-ray and HD DVD, allowing 10X speed recording with a double-layer disc and 2X speed recording with a four-layer disc. Currently blue-violet semiconductor laser diodes offer a pulsed output of 130 mW.

Production on this new laser is expected to begin in early 2008. Along with the improved lasers, however, improved disc materials will be needed to get the expected speed improvement. (via Electronista)

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