Claims of new diode laser power record

With output of 714 W of continuous wavelength operation, Newport’s Spectra-Physics division seems to have set a diode laser power record using its ProLight diode laser.

The result was achieved in a non-destructive test with 940 nm diode laser bars that incorporate Spectra Physics’ latest epitaxial design and a “start-of-the-art” growth process.

“Our diode laser performance has shattered previously recorded data. As well as the output, we have observed peak power conversion efficiency of more than 65% from our diode laser bars,” said Franck Leibreich, marketing director at Spectra-Physics. “Even at 714 W efficiency was above 57%. Temperature sensitivity was low: 714 W at 15ºC, 702 W at 25ºC and 680 W at 35ºC.”

Now I don’t know what a lot of that means, but I’m guessing to a real laser specialist that’s pretty impressive. I just see 714 W at 15ºC and know that’s a lot of power at an easily achievable temperature. I also understand the importance of the efficiency rating – the higher that is, the less power needed on the input side to achieve these results.

Granted, this probably isn’t enough power to fill a house with popcorn yet, but give the scientists time and I’m sure we’ll have those results. And naturally, once we get that power level, we need to strap these suckers to frikkin’ sharks.

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