Bejeweled Twist quick-impression

I just downloaded PopCap game‘s newest – Bejeweled Twist.  The first couple versions of Bejeweled games grabbed me right away.  This one?  Meh.

But then, I decided to start paying attention to what the game was offering.  The concept is simple – spin a set of four jewels, try to get three in a row.  It lacks the immediacy of the original, but it gives some new twists that add depth and strategy.  Here’s a video someone else made showing a bit of gameplay.

Read more of what I saw in the game below the hump.

Unlike the first 2 versions, you don’t have to make a match-3 on every move.  This lets you twist things in such a way as to set up a 4-in-a-row twist.  If you do this, you can an exploding jewel.  Much like the original, these blow up when matching in a 3- or 4-in-a-row.

On top of the regular play, you build up your multiplier by making consecutive matches.  That is, each move has to make a match, or you reset your multiplier.  Get 3-in-a-row 3 times, and all subsequent are worth double points.  Get 5 more matches in a row, and your points are tripled.  I didn’t get further than a 3X multiplier, but I imagine it will keep going higher.

You can also get bonus points by clearing sets of jewels in a particular order of colors.  For example, clear a set of white, then red, then purple, then another set of white.  This gets you a big points, and clears any penalty jewels (covered below) – at least, it cleared the penalty jewels I’d seen.

Now, on top of the bonuses, you get penalty jewels, too.  These drop in occasionally, and come with a number on their face.  Every move you make decrements the number.  If it reaches zero, bad things happen.  I confess to not knowing what bad things, as I never let one run out.

I haven’t purchased the game yet, but I intend to.  Once I get a little further, I’ll pop up some more images and throw in some more play details, if there is any interest.  Honestly, this is clearly a deal for $20.  Admittedly, it’s no Peggle, but it’s a fantastic, quick-play casual game to have around.

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