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  • Do I need a VPN?

    TechRadar looks at the simple question: “Do I need a VPN?” (Spoiler alert: Yes, you do). The real value in this article is that it explains just why you need to use a VPN, and what benefits there are when you have one. It also discuses the disadvantages of using a VPN, and offers advice […]

  • What Is Malware?

    This is a surprisingly in-depth article over at MalwareBytes regarding just what it is that makes software fall into the category of malware. Finding information or a short definition of malware is easy. Finding this much detail on what is malware, how can you tell when you have malware, how you get it, and more. Other […]

  • Insufficient Passwords

    I love computer security. Worked in the field for half a decade, but got out of it when I moved to Memphis. Would love to get back into it, if I had the opportunity. So when I see stories like this Register article about a Western Australia Auditor General report on poor password security, I […]

  • The Skim Reaper – a Credit Card Skimmer Detector

    If you have heard about credit card skimmers, you probably know the advice to tug on a credit-card scanner before using it. That’s not really that effective against more and more of the scanners, as they are getting smaller, and more easily hidden within or on top of real scanners in such a way that […]

  • Encrypting NFSv4 with STunnel

    I don’t have anything to add to this. Here’s a guide to setting up encrypted NFSv4 on Linux. Very detailed guide on the how and why.

  • OSSTMM version 3 coming soon?

    In a previous life, I was a computer security specialist.  I had a really cool job, and worked with really, really damn cool people (hi Gerald, Doug, Jon, et al).  I read (a tiny fraction of) all the cool security news.  I kept up to date on as many security topics as I could.  I […]

  • Security vulnerability attack released for Apple Quicktime

    Without notifying Apple of his intent to do so, security researcher Luigi Auriemma has released an exploit that will allow attackers to take control of computers running the latest version of Apple Quicktime. “The bug is a buffer-overflow and the return address can be fully overwritten so a malicious attacker could use it for executing […]

  • F-Secure HealthCheck application patch security tool

    In a past career, I was big in to computer security, and got paid well for doing the work. Since I’m now elsewhere professionally, I’m less in touch with the security industry than I used to be. However, I still keep up with a few important resources, and like to pass along really useful tips […]

  • Airport security still sucks and the rules continue to be idiotic

    Recently, my wife went on a trip and chose the old standard air-travel for getting where she was going. On the way to her destination, she had to throw away her yogurt she had brought to eat while waiting for the plane. On her way home, she had to throw away her 8-ounce toothpaste that […]

  • Crash Internet Explorer in one line

    I don’t really think figuring out an exploit to crash a browser is a great and fantastic feat, given how insanely complex, large, and bloated most are.  However, crashing a browser in just a single line of HTML and CSS code is pretty impressive. A Japanese blogger who goes by the name Hamachiya2 has discovered […]

  • Set your USB key up to auto-run on insertion

    I’ve known this was possible for a while, but I hadn’t looked for nor stumbled upon instructions for putting an autorun file on a USB key and getting it to work. This week, obviously, I found the instructions over at Daily Cup of Tech for making this happen. I can see several good and nefarious […]

  • Homeland security

    This really looks like what I imagine TSA screeners go through for training. It’s old, I know, but still funny. Especially the question about 2 people each with 3 ounces of liquids. [tags]TSA, Security, Homeland security, Liquid security[/tags]