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  • One man’s tragic tale documenting the horrors of WWII concentration camp life from the inside

    We all know there are terrible tales of military heroism that we don’t get to hear until far, far later. One recent example of this that has come out is the tale of Anthony Acevedo, military medic assigned to a satellite camp of Buchenwald with others in his tropp because they looked like Jews. Because […]

  • ExtremeTech: Technologies we wish had caught on

    Recently, I was reading an article at ExtremeTech discussing technologies the site editors wish had caught on. For the most part, I can see why the article creators wish the technologies had caught on, but I confess that I am mostly indifferent to or mildly in disagreement with the items they listed. One mention, however, […]

  • The Kudos Society – My take on the Open Source community

    I am working on a set of posts in which I want to talk about Open Source products. Given how long just my introduction to these has grown, I will probably move them over to separate pages on the Blahg. To begin, I am writing a bit on why I am such a fan of […]

  • Global Warming and the World Wide Pirate Shortage

    It seems that piracy is returning to favor in parts of the world. We hear more stories about pirates taking massive tankers and cargo ships in certain parts of the world, and the ransom demands for the return of these ships is growing ever greater. After decades of global warming, there is talk that we […]

  • New thoughts on brain disorder

    I have a powerful fascination with all things brain and intellect.  When I was younger, I had a hang-up with the flawed concept of IQ.  Later, when I hoped to become a psychiatrist, I did dvolunteer work in an out-patient mental-health facility.   More recently, I’ve been reading a lot on autism, schizophrenia, and other brain […]

  • Blind pilot – talk me down

    You get in your plane.  You take to the skies.  All seems good.  Suddenly – you go blind.  Now, how are you going to get back home alive?  Well, if you are bad-ass Jim O’Neill, you just get someone to talk you down to a safe landing. A British pilot who was suddenly blinded by […]

  • Happy Birthday, USMC

    November 10th, 1775 – The modern day United States Marine Corp was officially organized as the Continental Marines. As the first order of business, Samuel Nicholas became Commandant of the newly formed Marines. Tun Tavern’s owner and popular patriot, Robert Mullan, became his first captain and recruiter. They began gathering support and were ready for […]

  • Spitzer and the high-priced hooker

    The message here, kids, is that if you pay enough for a hooker, you can walk away scot free when caught.  Particularly, if you are, say, the mayor of New York and you spend thousands of dollars per booty call, you can get away with your marriage intact (good or bad depends on your view […]

  • Mathematics: A visual exploration

    While checking out the latest news on some of the geeky things that interest me, I found a link to this visual walk through of mathematics. The most interesting facet of the Dimensions Math page to me, and what made me think I needed to post about it, is that the 2 hour video that […]

  • Too much pr0n? -or- How can you even surf that much pr0n?

    According to rule 34, there is a pr0n for everything on the intarw3bs – if you can think it, there is pr0n for it. Given that, it’s probably unsurprising for most people to know that many people surf for pr0n at some point in their intarw3bs-life (note: I have not been able to verify those […]

  • Purple Turtle Products – outstanding bookseller

    Recently I ordered a copy of the book Virtual LEGO: The Official Guide To LDraw Tools for Windows from the Amazon seller Purple Turtle Products. I buy from Amazon sellers all the time, and normally don’t post anything about them. However, Barbara and Purple Turtle Products were so amazing to deal with when my […]

  • Dead Like Me – the movie

    While trying to find out who one of the actresses is on an episode of the television show Dead Like Me that the wifey-person and I watched tonight, I stumbled on the IMDb listing for the Dead Like Me movie. According to the IMDb listing: After the departure of Rube Sofer, a new head reaper […]