Dead Like Me – the movie

While trying to find out who one of the actresses is on an episode of the television show Dead Like Me that the wifey-person and I watched tonight, I stumbled on the IMDb listing for the Dead Like Me movie. According to the IMDb listing:

After the departure of Rube Sofer, a new head reaper named Cameron Kane takes over. He’s a slick businessman who couldn’t care less about helping the newly dead. Chaos ensues and brings out the worst in Daisy and Mason who begin drinking anew. George and Reggie re-connect for the first time when George reaps a new friend of Reggie’s.

Sadly, it looks like Mandy Patinkin will not be in the movie. I really like him. I have heard from others that he is difficult to work with, and that’s why he doesn’t stay on shows for very long, but I don’t know that to be anything other than rumor.

No word on the actually release date other than this year. Now I have to make sure to see the movie in theaters when it hits.

edit: See the comments for additional information, including reference to the movie delay, a straight to DVD release, and link to an Ellen Muth fansite you should visit.

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  1. I hadn’t researched properly the movie release when I posted last night. I was looking for more info on it this morning and saw that it is a straight to DVD release, but hadn’t seen that it was delayed to 2009. I also saw that if it does well, there is a chance of the show being revived somewhere, although possibly (probably?) not by Showtime. That’s encouraging news, as it is one of the best shows I’ve ever watched.

    Thanks for the extra information on this.

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