Purple Turtle Products – outstanding bookseller

Recently I ordered a copy of the book Virtual LEGO: The Official LDraw.org Guide To LDraw Tools for Windows from the Amazon seller Purple Turtle Products. I buy from Amazon sellers all the time, and normally don’t post anything about them. However, Barbara and Purple Turtle Products were so amazing to deal with when my book arrived and I had a problem that I wanted to publicly compliment her for outstanding support.

My book arrived last week on Monday and all looked good. When I grabbed it to start working some with LDraw and associated tools on Wednesday, I noticed that a chunk of the included CD was crushed into pieces no bigger than half the size of a pencil eraser. I searched online for the contents of the disc, hoping to just download everything I needed and get to work. When I was unable to find the files I needed, I contacted the general support email for Purple Turtle Products about the problem and got a response within 24 hours. Barbara offered to send me a new disc from another copy of the book they had.

Since I know books resell for less without the CDs than they do with the CDs, I told her that I felt bad because, and I stress, this problem was clearly a book binder’s error, and not a problem caused by improper handling or packaging for shipping. The disc was actually partly folded into the spine of the book, and obviously attached to the binding improperly – I’m guessing a temporary alignment glitch with the book-binding machinery. I offered to at least pay shipping, since I knew they couldn’t be making much of a profit from my purchase. Barbara, as you might guess, would have none of that and sent the disc to me at the start of this week. It arrived today, in perfect condition, and I am now able to practice creating virtual LEGO structures using the LDraw drawing tools and render them after conversion to POV-Ray format.

Thanks Barbara – you have been outstanding to buy from, and I will most assuredly be looking for Purple Turtle Products’ offerings when I buy from Amazon in the future.

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