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  • Happy Birthday, Ricardo Montaban

    Not much to add to the title, is there? Happy Birthday, Mr. Fantasy Island. [tags]Happy Birthday, Ricardo Montaban, Fantasy Island, The plane[/tags]

  • Happy Birthday, USMC

    November 10th, 1775 – The modern day United States Marine Corp was officially organized as the Continental Marines. As the first order of business, Samuel Nicholas became Commandant of the newly formed Marines. Tun Tavern’s owner and popular patriot, Robert Mullan, became his first captain and recruiter. They began gathering support and were ready for […]

  • Happy birthday, Christina Ricci

    I can’t believe I almost missed posting this.  Christina Ricci, perhaps the actress I most lust after, turned 28 today. Happy Birthday, Ms. Ricci.  Keep looking fabulous and working in great and odd movies. Now I need to go find some more eye candy pics of her to post. [tags]Christina Ricci, Happy Birthday, Lust, Stuff […]

  • Happy birthday Katie

    January 1, 1957 – the world welcomes Katie Couric. EDIT: The image associated with the post didn’t show up.  Fixed.  And I wanted to add that she’s damn hot.  50 or not, I’d hit it.  I’m such a pig.

  • Happy belated birthday

    I thought I had a post up for this yesterday, but apparently didn’t.  All my visitors are invited to drop in to the comments and wish a happy belated birthday to visitor and occasional poster TimG, who aged an integer yesterday.  Be sure to also head over to his humble AmpOffish abode to see what […]

  • Happy 25th, smiley face

    Happy 25th birthday, smiley face emoticon! A lot of people have asked me about this, so I thought I’d put the information here, linked under my home page: Yes, I am the inventor of the sideways “smiley face” (sometimes called an “emoticon”) that is commonly used in E-mail, chat, and newsgroup posts. Or at least […]

  • Happy 300th, Carl

    Happy 300th Carl Linnaeus! Of course, you have no idea who Carl Linnaeus is, but you are a Homo because of Carl – a Homo sapiens, that is. Carl Linnaeus, also known as Carl von Linné or Carolus Linnaeus, is often called the Father of Taxonomy. His system for naming, ranking, and classifying organisms is […]

  • Happy Birthday Telnet, may you rest in peace

    Well, today is the 35th birthday of telnet. It’s also a day to commemorate the passing away of telnet, in a way. Although original development on telnet took place back in 1969, the protocol was not formalized until RFC 318, released April 3rd, 1972. The passing away of telnet is being called out as a […]

  • Happy Pi day

    March 14 (03/14) – Happy Pi Day.  Celebrate the goodness of Pi, and prepare to see more Pi mentions in the near future as we come upon various Pi approximation days as well. While we’re at it, happy birthday to Rick Dees (1950) and Billy Crystal (1947), too. [tags]Happy Pi day[/tags]

  • Happy birthday, Tiffany

     No, no – not the 80s mall-tour singer.  Ah, yes, there we go.  Charles Tiffany.  Founder of the high-society department store that bears his name still today. February 15 marks the birthday of Charles Lewis Tiffany, the man who gave the world some of its most preeminent symbols of wealth and status. Born in Killingly, […]

  • Happy Birthday, John Lithgow

    To celebrate John Lithgow’s 61st birthday, I believe I’ll watch some Third Rock from the Sun tonight. It took me a while to find a good image. Hopefully you recognize him from one of his finest roles: [tags]Happy Birthday, John Lithgow[/tags]

  • Happy Birthday, Faith Hill

    Mmmmmm, so that’s what 39 looks like?    [tags]Happy Birthday Faith Hill, Faith Hill[/tags]