Hannah Montana fans whine over, well, nothing

Boo-hoo. Cry me a river. Some Hannah Montana fans are apparently upset that for approximately 120 seconds during the Hannah Montana tour appearance, Miley Cyrus is off-stage and a body double plays the part so Ms. Cyrus can change from character Hannah Montana into real-sefl Miley Cyrus.

“Then they covered her with a black sheet and she went through a secret door. Within a second, a new ‘Hannah’ came out of a different door wearing oversized white glasses. The whole time this was happening Miley’s vocals were still playing. The new imposter had her back turned while she danced, trying to hide that fact that she was not Miley Cyrus. At this instant I became very suspicious.” (See video of the switcheroo.)

“Needless to say I was furious!” the irate fan added. “I paid good money to see the concert. I was disappointed and I felt like I was played for a fool.”

No comment shows in the story about what fools such fans are for paying as much as $2565 per ticket for the concert. Perhaps those fans should see their scalpers about a refund for the 1% of the concert that was “disappointing” due to a human-being needing to change clothes/costume.

Clearly the people complaining have no idea what real concert rip-offs are.  Anyone remember the pure lip-sync concerts of the 70s and 80s?  Milli-Vanilli?  Probably still going on, but I haven’t been to a concert in almost 20 years (yes, I’m that old, folks), so I don’t know what they are like now.  I was initially going to say I can’t believe anyone could get upset over something like this, but then I remembered that fans and needs of reality don’t have anything in common in general.

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