Month: August 2018

  • Homeopathic “medicines” Recalled Over Microbial Contamination

    Thanks to Ars Technica for pointing out this recall of kids’ homeopathic “medicines” over microbial contamination concerns. The fewer homeopathic products on the shelf, the better the world is. Because homeopathy doesn’t work. Really – it just doesn’t work.

  • Insufficient Passwords

    I love computer security. Worked in the field for half a decade, but got out of it when I moved to Memphis. Would love to get back into it, if I had the opportunity. So when I see stories like this Register article about a Western Australia Auditor General report on poor password security, I […]

  • The Greatest Paper Airplanes

    So you want to make a world-record breaking paper airplane? Well, here are the things you need to know. In case you are wondering, the current record holder is The Paper Airplane Guy. I can highly recommend joining his site, and if you are at all interested in making good paper airplanes, paying for his […]

  • Update on ISP Issue

    Well, I had a visit today from a technician for my ISP. He found the outside splitter was made for indoor use, so replaced that. Then, he disconnected an indoor  splitter and gave me a new wireless DVR box. End result is slightly better performance: I am most happy with my results. And when the […]

  • More on Poor ISP Speed, Latency

    Since I posted last night about my poor internet performance, I thought I’d post an update today. Although I just reset my modem on Monday, I did another modem reset this morning. Unplugged the router for 3 minutes. Plugged it in. Waited for my system to connect, and ran a few speed tests. Here are […]

  • Why is my ‘net Speed in the Crapper?

    So I recently called my ISP to complain about some service issues and billing disagreements. Since then, my internet speed has been noticeably worse. I used to get 70-80 Mbps throughput on my line, which I believe is supposed to be rated at 100 Mbps. My latency is typically in the 20-80 ms range. I […]

  • Horrific Experiments

    Popular Science with a story on 7 psychological experiments that were ill-conceived, unethical, horrific, or all of the above. Project MKUltraFrom 1953 to 1973, the CIA funded covert research on mind control at dozens of reputable institutions, including universities and hospitals. A source of inspiration to horror-fueled shows like Stranger Things and films like Conspiracy Theory, the covert project […]

  • A Laser, Aimed at Earth!

    So apologies for nearly a week of silence – I’ve been in training all week and busy at night so I’ve been barely online lately. Today’s news brings us the update that ICEsat-2 will be launching next month. This satellite will be used for mapping the earth, doing so by firing 10,000 laser bursts per […]

  • The Skim Reaper – a Credit Card Skimmer Detector

    If you have heard about credit card skimmers, you probably know the advice to tug on a credit-card scanner before using it. That’s not really that effective against more and more of the scanners, as they are getting smaller, and more easily hidden within or on top of real scanners in such a way that […]

  • The World is Warming

    Earth is warming. Slowly, and not noticeably so to most people, but nevertheless it is happening. More ways to see this are available in this Washington Post titled “Red hot planet: This summer’s punishing and historic heat in 7 maps and charts” and published Friday. I expect some people will read this and have something […]

  • The Worst Asbestos-Laced Consumer Products Ever Made

    While asbestos has been around for a long time, it really took off in the late 19th century as something of a wonder material given its light weight and fire/heat/electrical resistance. Of course, given how bad we later learned the material is for lungs, some of that luster has faded. So when I found a […]

  • Encrypting NFSv4 with STunnel

    I don’t have anything to add to this. Here’s a guide to setting up encrypted NFSv4 on Linux. Very detailed guide on the how and why.