Month: January 2007

  • Looks like people are still falling for the scams

    Every once in a while, you’ll hear about someone doing something that YOU know far too much to fall for. This is such a tale. A tale of someone falling for one of the oldest online scams known (and the obligatory shorter link in case the original is broken). The longtime treasurer of Alcona County […]

  • John Kerry, revisionist historian

    Since I know it seems I only bash on President Bush (OK, I almost exclusively bash President Bush – I think he’s a horrible President), I wanted to be sure to share this wonderful display of, ummm, I don’t know what, by John Kerry that a friend sent me recently. In a recent talk Kerry […]

  • Bill stops game and geek talk, tells us about the housing market

    You know I like Bill. I put more value in his views and reviews of games and the gaming industry than any of the supposed major gaming sites. He doesn’t say a lot, really, but what he says is usually dead on. So when he skipped the gaming talk one day last week and decided […]

  • Netflix working to changehow you watch movies. Again.

    The New York Times recently ran a post about how Netflix is again changing the way we watch movies (also here is a shorter link in a). After changing movie rentals via DVDs by mail, Netflix is taking on video downloads via streaming which monitors time watched rather than time since downloads. It’s really clever, […]

  • Chris Pirillo has a different view of the iPhone than I do

    It would appear that Chris (and his brother) don’t share my pessimism on the prospects for Apple’s success with the iPhone. In responding to what his brother said about the iPhone, Chris writes: My brother Adam isn’t a geek – and he’s never written to me about any other device (from Apple or any other […]

  • Try City of Heroes/City of Villains free -for 14 days

    Occasionally, I write about things in CoH/Cov, because this is easily my favorite game on the market now. If you haven’t tried the game and want to see if it is something you would enjoy, read this post at the Co* forums about FileFront’s 14-day free trial. As an added note, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday […]

  • The great Boston molasses flood

    Well, I missed posting about this on the anniversary, but let’s look back in time as if I posted it on the proper day and remember The Boston Molasses Disaster in all its glor0y (additional sources at CNN and Damn Interesting). On January 15th, 1919, a massive silo, filled with approximately 2.3 million gallons of […]

  • Tom Rhodes – comic genius

    Looooong ago, I used to watch comedians on TV.  That was pretty much before I got married – my wife just doesn’t care to watch comics on TV.  One of the very funny guys I remember watching is Tom Rhodes.  Since I heard him on XM Radio yesterday and realized he’s still around, I figured […]

  • Sharp edges

  • Protect your right to record radio

    One of the early tasks of the new congressional session is work to prevent consumers from recording radio broadcasts. Work with the EFF and help prevent this bad law. Sen. Dianne Feinstein has re-introduced the PERFORM Act, a backdoor assault on your right to record off the radio. Satellite and digital radio stations as well […]

  • On Spocko, KSFO, and a different look

    If you’ve been keeping up with some of the geek/tech/random sites that I often link to (in particular, boingboing) you might have been reading some of the up roar caused by postings at Spocko’s Brain (also covered in much more detail at Daily Kos). Spocko has spent some time sending transcript information to conservative radio […]

  • Why does the “Scooter” Libby trial matter?

    Since I recently posted about the Libby trial and the difficulty for the defense finding a decent jury, I thought it might be worth going back and looking at why this case is even worth watching. One of the better write-ups I found on the ordeal, done by a British rag, is this Q&A article […]