Day: October 4, 2006

  • Police lose Semtex

    This is a potentially big oops.

  • Zune vs. iPod images

    The folks at TechEBlog have put up a few images showing the Zune and the iPod side by side so you can get a better look at the devices. While the Zune is larger in all respects, it sounds like it is lighter than the iPod. And that makes me wonder how durable the device […]

  • A bright future in politics

    From a recent Worth 1000 contest comes this inspirational poster. [tags]Worth 1000, Inspirational posters, Political future[/tags]

  • Next-gen sonic screenshot

    A screenshot from the new Sonic game for the Xbox 360. (via TechEBlog)

  • Hops – up in flames

    From NPR: About 4 percent of America’s hops have gone up in flames. Most of America’s hops are grown in the Yakima Valley in Washington state, where a 40,000-foot warehouse storing hops burned down yesterday. According to the AP story, “By mid-afternoon flames engulfed most of the building, sending up plumes of smoke and a […]

  • Government wiretap program ruled illegal – allowed to continue

    I often look at how things work in politics and in the judicial system and think that for the problems we see in these arenas, a large part of the operation involved goes well enough. Sure, there are occasional WTF? moments for some court rulings, and some zOMG thoughts come up when politicians do idiotic […]

  • Oblivion PSP

    Oblivion is confirmed for the PSP.

  • City of Heroes – HypeZero

    If you are a City of Heroes player, you really need to check out this great YouTube video of one hero’s surrealistic experience with the afterlife and crossing over.  It’s nearly 7 minutes of well done machinima.  I really need to learn how to do these kinds of movies. [tags]City of Heroes machinima, A hero […]

  • Give me gifts

    I’ve started a gift guide for Mr. Awesome (that would be me) in case you are wondering just what to get me for Christmas.  I have lots to add, but figured I should start with something and grow it.  And if you aren’t in my family, I can’t imagine why you would actually want to […]

  • Play Linerider

    Play Linerider (Flash required) – a simple, fun little diversion.

  • The latest laser news

    So here’s the latest handy laser news. And this one is a cool technology that I think I can improve with a simple suggestion. Read on and find out how I would make this better. Cascase, a specialist in anti-terrorism laser technology, yesterday said it had signed a licensing deal with French telecomms giant Alcatel […]

  • Pirate tableware

    You all know I like all things piraty, right? Pirates are even better than frikkin’ sharks with frikkin’ laser beams on their frikkin’ heads (although a pirate with a frikkin’ head-laserfied shark for a pet would be even more awesomer). So when I saw that I could buy pirate tableware with which to dine in […]