19 thoughts on “Play Linerider”

  1. Hello I lope LineRider, and I hear you “Frustrated”. Go to Polysolve.com, it’s a proxy bypass. Type linerider.com or one of the other linerider site URLs in the search box.
    Check all four of the boxes below that, one of them says encode URLs in R4-coding or something like that. Then hit the search button, and it will most often than not take you to the blocked website. By the way Polysolve.com just looks* like a math search engine, but it truly isn’t. Have fun!

  2. Make a new linerider site that cant be blocked by this dam school security. Make it like
    [pre-existing non-linerider link deleted] plz

  3. That site is not mine, and is not under my control. Any site can be blocked by the security systems in place, it is just a matter of whether the security administrators know what they are doing. So there may at some time be another linerider site, but it too could be blocked eventually.


  4. Hey polysolve and all the tunnels for exaple btunnel.com and ctunnel.com have been blocked at my school could i please have some urls of proxy bypassers?

  5. does anyone know a site that in unblocked like a proxy site or poly solve or anything because they keep blocking everything

  6. you could try disasterpage.com its blocked at my school but im trying to hack over the proxy server

  7. nonof thm work at my skool so get off your lazy arses and go play outside u nerds

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