Month: September 2006

  • How to sell $20 million in art? Rock, paper, scissors competition

    When faced with deciding who should handle the auction of $20 million of art, Takashi Hashiyama, president of the Japanese electronics company Maspro Denkoh Corporation, turned to the age old game of rock, paper, scissors. Both Christie’s and Sotheby’s seemed equally qualified to handle the sale, so he told them to compete, and suggested the […]

  • What people are searching for here

    It’s true that I don’t get a lot of traffic here, and not many searches when I do get visitors.  That’s irrelevant, though, when you have such fun searches as these: [tags]What people are searching for here[/tags]

  • Mythbusters defeat “Never been beaten” digital lock

    (via Engadget) I love watching Mythbusters. My favorite myth to date is probably the chicken gun myth (which they confirmed to be true), although there are so many other good ones that are close. This video of a recent Mythbusters shows the guys defeating a digital fingerprint lock with a latex copy of a fingerprint, […]

  • Hurd (HP’s new CEO) plays the “I don’t remember” Reaganesque card

    I like Reagan and think he was a fine President – don’t take that headline the wrong way. However, much like Reagan during the whole Iran Contra debacle, Hurd played the “I don’t remember” and “I didn’t know about that” game in a completely unconvincing manner. In a press conference (in which, oddly enough, the […]

  • Batteries with built-in USB charger

    (via TechEBlog) When you carry around rechargeable batteries, you typically have to carry around a recharger, too. And none of us ever really want to carry the charger. So someone came up with the perfect battery for those of us who always seem to travel with a laptop – batteries with a built-in USB plug […]

  • Checked baggage security – take your gun

    What’s the best way to be certain your checked baggage won’t be tampered with? Apparently, the answer is to travel with a gun in your checked baggage. Matt Brandon tells his unfortunate tale of losing some expensive camera equipment while traveling, due to the camera being in checked baggage instead of hand carried. The interesting […]

  • Play Midway arcade classics online

    Play some of Midway’s old arcade games online via Shockwave.  Ten games are available, such as Tapper and Spyhunter.  Also available is Sinistar, often considered one of the hardest arcade games out (up there with Ghosts ‘n Goblins, I believe). [tags]Play Midway arcade classics online, Shockwave versions of Midway arcade classics available online[/tags]

  • Paraworld information/preview

    Paraworld – the “you got your human RTS in my dinosaur RTS” strategy game that Bill at DQ speaks well of.

  • PlayStation 1 emulator for the PSP

    (via Engadget) What’s a hacker going to do with a new gadget? The thing to do now-a-days seems to be either try to get Linux to run on it or get an emulator to run on it. In the case of the PSP, a hacker going by the name Yoshihiro has released a beta of […]

  • What I’m working on

    Since things have been slow around here lately, I thought I’d put up a little bit about things I’m working on now. Posting-wise, I’ve got some information on the recently released PlayStation 1 emulator for the PSP, plus a travel security tip that I think is rather handy. I’m now trying to standardize on a […]

  • US travelers will be allowed to carry liquids on planes again

    This is a small step forward away from security theater ploys that don’t do anything to actually make us safer. I’ve already written a lot about how improbable the original liquids on a plane attack was, but many people don’t believe what I’ve written or what I’ve linked to that others have written. Apparently someone […]

  • 1000 page per minute printer

    (via Engadget) I am always skeptical of extreme claims such as this recent announcement from 2 Israeli researchers, but I am also hopeful that this will come about. The innovative printer head created by engineers Moshe Einat and Nissim Einat works in a similar way as a liquid crystal display (LCD). But while an LCD […]