What I’m working on

Since things have been slow around here lately, I thought I’d put up a
little bit about things I’m working on now. Posting-wise, I’ve got some
information on the recently released PlayStation 1 emulator for the PSP,
plus a travel security tip that I think is rather handy. I’m now trying
to standardize on a different posting style which I hope will lead to
faster page loads and more content available in a brief format while
still making it easy to see full stories on things that interest you.

I’m still trying to catch up on all the recent techie and gaming news
that I want to pass along. After being in a time crunch that forced me
to drop site updates for a few days, I find myself with still over 1000
web articles I want to review to see if there are more interesting
things I want to post. I expect to be mostly caught up within the next
week, but I’ve been wrong about that before.

I’m using some new site tools to help me better see what visitors are
doing on the site, as far as reading articles and following links. I
must admit I was surprised at how few people are following links away
from my site. Perhaps I’m putting too much detail in my stories? I
welcome feedback on what I can do to improve posts here or the site

As I get new things working over the next few days, please feel free to
leave comments here or in any other post with your suggestions.
Hopefully most of what I do won’t change the front-end function of the
site. But let me know anything you see or want to see.