Evil twins

What can you do to make a beautiful woman even better?  Make her evil.  This recent Worth1000 photochop contest has entrants do just that.  There are some non-female evil entries, but most of them are females made to appear more evil.  Here are a couple of my favorite, plus links to a few more I want to highlight.

evil-alba2.jpg (you knew someone would do this, and you knew I had to post it – I’m so in love with Jessica)

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Crocodile hunter killed by stingray

Steve Irwin was stung through the heart by a stingray today while filming a documentary off the great barrier reef.

Irwin, 44, had been filming a documentary off Port Douglas in northern Queensland when he was killed by a stingray barb through the heart. He was rushed to hospital by helicopter, but he died before they arrived.

Another write-up on the incident that I read this morning says the poison from the sting was not fatal, but that the barb can leave a wound up to 20 cm deep.  Since the barb went into his heart, the result is just like getting stabbed through the heart by a large knife.  My wife, children, and I used to watch his show quite often.  As crazy as he was, he always seemed fairly aware of what he was doing.  Apparently this time he wasn’t careful enough, as stingrays almost never sting except in self-defence or out of fear.

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Bomb or not?

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I’m not sure who thought up this site, but I think it’s funny.  This is a Hot or Not style site designed for TSA screeners.  See if you can identify each item as a bomb or not on this great site. The only real problem is there are not enough pictures to go through yet – I found 2 repeats in the first 7 images I saw.

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Time to travel

I’ll be heading out of town for a few days.  I doubt I’ll be able to get online while I’m travelling.  I was not able to get any posts set up to publish while I’m gone.  That means that unless I find a way to get online while on the road, I’ll not make any posts until Monday night when I return.  I apologize for not getting things set up ahead of time, but I’ve recently been blocked from my own site from one of the places I used to work on it, and have had limited time to work on it while at home.  Expect this to be cleared up next week, as I’ve come up with a way to work on the site elsewhere and publish when I’m at home.

It’s like rain on your wedding day

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UK government officials post a public service video on YouTube.  Another office of the government has the video removed for copyright violation – YouTube is hosting a government created video without government approval, goes the claim.  Odd enough, since the government uploaded it, and presumably would be in a position to grant approval to host the video.  But the real free-ride-when-you’ve-already-paid moment comes when you find out that the video was on how the government could be more coordinated.

The UK cabinet Office has been forced to pull one of the public service videos it published on YouTube due to copyright violation.

A video called Transformational Government can no longer be viewed on the site, instead users get a box of red text stating: “This video has been removed at the request of copyright owner COI Television because its content was used without permission.”

COI Television is actually part of the Cabinet Office and the further irony of the video being about transformational government was not lost on one critic.

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