Day: July 20, 2006

  • Why you don’t leave paint where kids can reach it

    (via Neatorama) [tags]Kids, Paint, OMGWTFBBQ[/tags]

  • NIST makes even more accurate atomic clock

    (via Engadget) Apparently, the possibility of being off 1 second every 70 million years was just too much for the National Institute of Standards and Technology.  So NIST recently announced a new ultra-precise clock based on the oscillations of a mercury ion.  The new clock, tested and measured over the past 5+ years, should have […]

  • Wooden USB flash drives

    (via MAKEzine blog) Take a geeky gadget, put a pretty wrapper around it, ????, profit. In this case, ???? = get low-cost craftsmen to perform the work. These handsome USB keys are built by craftsmen in South African nation Sao Tome e Principe, on the Guinea Gulf along the equator. The project is currently working […]

  • Meerkats teach their young how to hunt by dismembering scorpions

    Again, sometimes the articles are just for my amusement and edification. This is one of those. Non-geeks are likely to want to skip ahead to another article. Meerkats apparently live off a diet of scorpions – the kind that can kill an adult human. Sure, the Meerkats have some resistance to the poison, but those […]

  • Wolfking FPS keyboard

    (via Gizmodo) Peripheral manufacturers are routinely trying to come up with “the next big thing” in controllers – especially for the PC shooter crowd. The most recent entry we’ve seen is this FPS keyboard from Wolf King. The half-plus keyboard is designed for left hand use so you can keep your right hand on the […]

  • DHS releases top terrorist targets list

    (via Schneier’s security blog) Our government has wisely used our tax money to carefully analyze potential terrorist targets, narrowing the list from 160 targets a few years ago to a mere 77,000 targets now.  In case you are wondering if you are near a top terrorist target site, here are a few details from the […]

  • Cool Tool – Low Rise Cot

    This is a gadget that would come in handy if the wife and I ever started camping again. Really, for any travel where you don’t know what kind of bedding, if any, you’ll have, the low rise cot would be perfect. This is one of the lightest, and most comfortable sleeping “mats” I have ever […]

  • Ooops! State department pwnz0rr3d.

    (via boingboing) Some days, things just don’t go your way. For the people responsible for US State Department computer and network security, it looks like that day was at least one day last month. WASHINGTON (AP) — The State Department is recovering from large-scale computer break-ins worldwide over the past several weeks that appeared to […]

  • Just say no to NCAA 2007 for the PSP

    I don’t have a PSP, and if I did, I wouldn’t be buying NCAA 2007, as I’m not into sports games.  But, for those of you that are into sports games and that do have a PSP, make sure you avoid NCAA 2007 for the PSP. There is apparently a bug in the PSP version […]

  • Linux Read/Write NTFS driver

    (via OSNews) This is practically old news now, but the Linux NTFS team announced last Friday, July 14th, that a public release of the NTFS for Linux driver is now available. Hello, As part of the Linux-NTFS project, I’m happy to announce my contribution to ntfsmount and libntfs which resulted ntfs-3g, a read-write ntfs driver, […]

  • Simple tips to boost your Intarw3b speeds

    Chris Pirillo shares a couple of easy to follow tips for improving network speeds on your computer. Open yourself to OpenDNS. They have configuration pages for your OS or hardware router. Both Scott Beale (LaughingSquid) and I have seen dramatic differences in speed since going through their DNS servers. Matt’s happy about it, too. My […]

  • Octopus wrestling is my hobby

    Modern Mechanix has some of the most interesting flash-back articles I’ve ever seen. The latest to catch my eye is an article from the April 1949 issue of Mechanix Illustrated. As indicated by this article’s title, the magazine article is called “Octopus wrestling is my hobby.” Even if I didn’t find the article fascinating, I’d […]