DHS releases top terrorist targets list

(via Schneier’s security blog)
Our government has wisely used our tax money to carefully analyze potential terrorist targets, narrowing the list from 160 targets a few years ago to a mere 77,000 targets now.  In case you are wondering if you are near a top terrorist target site, here are a few details from the linked article.

When it comes to homeland security, I give up.

I’ve tried to highlight the absurdity of trying to protect every cranny of our country from al-Qaida attack. I’ve critiqued everything from the waste of buying anti-terrorist locks for Sammamish City Hall to the illogic of not having security cameras outside our airport. And yes, I’ve resorted to that columnist stock-in-trade: mocking and satirizing.

. . .

And on that list of national assets are … 1,305 casinos! No doubt Muckleshoot made the cut (along with every other casino in our state).

The list has 234 restaurants. I have no idea if Dick’s made it. The particulars are classified. But you have to figure it did.

Why? Because here’s more of what the inspector general found passes for “critical infrastructure.” An ice-cream parlor. A tackle shop. A flea market. An Amish popcorn factory.

. . .

And yet … there is one more thing that’s got me wondering. The report says our state boasts 65 “national monuments and icons” — somehow twice as many as Washington, D.C.

There you have it.  Washington state has twice as many national monuments and icons as Washington, D.C.  I left out mention of the 700 critical mortuaries that are top terrorist targets, by the way.  I wonder if this list is an accurate view of what the federal government truly views as hot spots for terrorist attack, or just a big list of places where our congress-critters feel money needs to be spent on influential voters?

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