Day: July 16, 2006

  • World’s first 3D crop circle

    I forgot to post about this when I first heard it on the radio, but I felt it interesting enough that I needed to track down a good article. On July 10th, the first ever 3D crop circle was discovered in a wheat field in Oxfordshire (in England). The world’s first three-dimensional crop circle has […]

  • Laser Focus World magazine

    With a name like Laser Focus World, are you even surprised I post it? With the tagline “The Magazine for the Photonics & Optoelectronics Industry” I’m interested in it just for the name. Hey, I like lasers. What can I say? Check out some recent Laser Focus World headlines: Laser desorption of hydrogen could be […]

  • Company works to increase American laziness

    (via Slashdot) As mentioned in the Slashdot article, I’m sure this is a sign of the coming apocalypse.  In an eight week trial program labelled “Laundry Time,” the Internet Home Alliance will have nine families test washers and dryers with advanced technology.  This will allow family members to receive laundry status updates and control laundry […]

  • RFID passports (finally) coming soon to the US

    (via Engadget) The US State Department appears to finally think it is ready to issue e-Passports to Americans. Privacy advocates, security specialists, techie-weenies, and sensible people everywhere object, but in typical government manner, the State Department doesn’t care. “Nyah, Nyah!” appears to be the message. Here’s the gist of it: They’ll have radio frequency identification […]

  • Have so much fun, it’s dangerous

    With a site named DangerouslyFun, how could I not post it? There are only a few projects there now, but with dangerous fun, it has to grow. Surely loads of people will be contributing. Here’s a sample: The premise of this project is catching flamable gas within soap bubbles. You can then transfer the bubbles […]

  • Build your own proximity detector

    (via MAKEzine blog) Come on!!!! You know you want one! Here’s my thinking on this project – build this, figure how to link it to your PC, and put up a couple around your cubicle at work. Suddenly, no one can surprise you by sneaking up to your cube because they are too short to […]

  • UK to outlaw standby power mode?

    (via PVR-wire) “But I live in the US – I don’t care about that!” you might protest. And the truth is, for both of my regular readers, it probably doesn’t matter much (and I exaggerate – I doubt I have 2 regular readers). But this is a preview of a law I honestly expect to […]

  • Underwater image competition

    I’ve already lost the source of this link. I think it’s another boingboing article, but I’ve gotten so many tabs opened to things I want to post about that I lost the original story. That said, go see some wonderful photos of underwater critters, the equipment used to see them, and some videos that go […]

  • Biped robot kit

    (via boingboing) All geeky readers here, please raise your hands. Now, those of you with raised hands, keep them up if you’d like your own bipedal robot. Good. So, everyone who put their hands down – you can leave now – you’re not sufficiently geeky to be here. I deal with only high-level geeks, thank […]

  • Australia continues to host freaky-scary creatures

    (via Dubious Quality) Last week in his Friday Links section, Bill posted about fanged kangaroos and the ‘demon duck of doom’ found in Australia. Given the absurdly deadly creatures already known to inhabit the country on land and in the sea, I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised to know there were even more deadly inhabitants […]