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With a name like Laser Focus World, are you even surprised I post it? With the tagline “The Magazine for the Photonics & Optoelectronics Industry” I’m interested in it just for the name. Hey, I like lasers. What can I say? Check out some recent Laser Focus World headlines:

Laser desorption of hydrogen could be boon to silicon-chip makers

Anything that smoothes the process of computer-chip manufacture even just a bit could mean millions of dollars in savings to the chip maker.

Terahertz mirror is omnidirectional and broadband

Though terahertz technology is receiving most attention for its homeland-security applications in checking people, mail, or luggage, it also has applications in short-range free-space communications.

Crack-free gallium nitride layers grow on silicon substrates

Researchers at Kansas State University (Manhattan, KS) have reported successful growth of high-quality crack-free gallium nitride (GaN) epilayers on 6-in.-diameter silicon (Si) substrates using metal-organic chemical-vapor deposition to fabricate blue-emitting nitride multiple-quantum-well light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

I don’t even know what most of that means, and I’m still feeling all tingly inside. Sadly, at $150 for a single year subscription, all this stuff I wouldn’t understand anyway remains out of my grubby paws. No word on frikkin’ sharks and their applicability to the world of lasers.

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2 thoughts on “Laser Focus World magazine”

  1. Your post here is interesting but you miss the mark in several places — first of all, LFW is free, there is no cost for a subscription. Second, the magazine is for engineers, so most of the content has to be really dense in terms of tech speak. However, it also has articles (particularly the ones I write) that anyone can read, with headlines that aren’t so undecipherable. Finally, what is your comment about sharks? Don’t get it …

  2. Well, it’s free to those who have any business receiving it. I’m not an engineer. I don’t work with lasers. I’m just an average geek who thinks lasers are really cool. So I figure I’m not the target market and therefore not really someone that should be getting the magazine for free.

    The shark thing, which I use repeatedly on the site when discussing frikkin’ lasers, is an Austin Powers reference. Something of a dumb set of movies, honestly, but I like the frikkin’ sharks with frikkin’ laserbeams on their frikkin’ heads references in them.


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