Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser

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Blah, blah this. Blah, blah that. Reading the news some days can just leave you wondering “Where’s the good stories?” Well, unless, of course, you read your daily news here. In which case you’ll be wondering “Can I ever be as awesome as Randy?”

The answer is, no. But you can try. The world certainly needs more people whose awesomeness approaches mine. :)   I kid, I kid.  I’m not awesome – just brilliant!
Now, that out of the way, why in the world am I rambling? Because I just found another frikkin’ story about frikkin’ lasers!!! And you all know I love my frikkin’ lasers, sharks or no.

mthe-laser.jpgMTHEL uses directed energy (laser beam) to intercept aerial targets such as rockets, missiles, artillery shells and other aerial threats. The target destruction is achieved by projecting a highly focused, high-power laser beam, delivered by a chemical laser, with enough energy to affect the target, and explode it in midair. This operational concept is offering the first “reusable” interception element. Existing interceptors use kinetic energy kill vehicles (such as fragmentation warheads), which are not reusable.

Whoa! You had me at destruction.

And those of you looking at that thinking, “That doesn’t look so awesome,” how about if you have to carry it around in one of these:


Yes, sign me up when the order lines open.  Read all about it in Defense-Update’s look back on the MTHEL.  I think if aimed properly, it could even make a tasty batch of popcorn.

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