Wicked lasers

I have another cool post to make soon about lasers (high powered burn-your-doll’s eyes out lasers), but I wanted to point these out while I have them open in my browser. If you’ve ever wanted a laser that’s just a little bit different than what everyone else has, check out Wicked Lasers.

Pretty much everyone owns red laser pointers. You’ve tried every method imaginable to see that red laser beam. But, you’ve never had the actual power until now. Wicked Lasers grants you the ability to shoot a red laser beam, green laser beam, or even blue laser beam from your laser pointer.

There’s even a link to a low-res (4 meg) or hi-res (18 meg) video from FOX TV.  The down side is the price – $99 to $999.  But if you have $999 to spend, you can get a blue laser pointer.  That’s what I want.  Because I’m a big geeky boy who is impressed by shiney things.

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