Eye candy – …as a redhead

Over at some random site I found while searching for eye candy I could post on the site, I found this post showing a few Hollywoodies photochopped to redheads.  Normally, I’d look and move on.  However, I just had to post when I saw this before and after of Hayden Panettiere.

haydenpanettiereoriginahh5_resize haydenpanettiereredheadij7_resize

As you may or may not know, I have a special weakness for the redheads.  And while she’s already such a fine-looking young lady, the redhead look just makes her even better.  Sadly for me, I also found this buzz-killer picture of Ms. Panettiere.



And yes, smoking is absolutely a killer flaw to me.  So she’s lost much of her appeal with just that one picture.

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11 thoughts on “Eye candy – …as a redhead”

  1. I did not now she smokes she was my fave actresse now shes not its not that im judgeing over egsacly thats its just i thought she was smarter then that when people see this she’ll lose alot of fans

  2. “if she smokes then that means she’s a slut”
    Are you kidding? I recommend that you look up the definition of “slut” before you reference someone to being one. On another note, since when is smoking a cigarette mean that a celebrity is going out of their mind? If this is your idea of going crazy then I’m afraid you are in for a huge shock when you venture out from your heaps of tabloids and into the real world. Good luck. **obnoxious thumbs up**

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