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For my gun enthusiast visitors. I worked with a fellow years ago who claimed to have a rated speed of 0.02 seconds for draw and fire motion of his handgun. I was skeptical, but knew this guy to not be one to brag in general, so I tentatively accepted his claim although I never could imagine it being true. After seeing this video of Bob Munden, I’m not so skeptical any more.

I’m especially impressed with his accurately shooting 2 balloons, tied 8 feet apart, with two shots fired so quickly that it appears to be only a single shot. This looks like a prime candidate for the Time Warp treatment from the folks at the Discovery Channel:

I think it would be awesome to see this quick-shooter filmed at 1800 frames per second or higher. Too bad it looks like Discovery Channel hasn’t taken that show past the first episode. (via Bill at DQ)

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3 thoughts on “Quick draw”

  1. > 0.02 seconds

    I think you mean “two seconds”.

    “0.02 seconds” sort of implies two-one-hundredth of a second. Which is fast. Really damn fast. And somebody I would never want to get in a shootout with. While I start to think, “I sh….” (should draw me gun). I would already have several bullets in me.



  2. No, I mean 0.02 seconds. His draw and first fire action time he claimed was 2 hundredths of a second. That’s *almost* as fast as the timed speed of Bob Munden.

    I don’t know why the first video I used in the article is no longer available, but I’ve updated it with another video that was working just a minute ago when I checked. Munden’s time is less than two hundredths of a second. And while that may sound like a “Sure, he can draw but you can’t hit anything at that speed” rating, if you see the video, you’ll see him actually hit two targets 8 feet apart in what looks like a single shot.

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