Month: May 2008

  • Fair and Balanced call for Obama assassination

    If you keep up with the political sphere, you’ve already heard this: Yes, that is a newsperson for the fair and balanced FOX news network calling for Barrack Obama’s assassination.  Clearly Bill O’Reilly is no longer the worst thing that channel has to offer. [tags]Assassination, Obama, Fair and Balanced, Idiocy[/tags]

  • A little mo’ better than before

    OK, dear readers, I’m finally getting back on track.  I’ve had to make an ugly hack to get WordPress to display posts in the right order.  I’m going to have to take up the real cause of this malfunction with my new hosting provider, but the ultimate cause of the problem is a bad MySQL […]

  • On the new host

    Well, I’ve gotten set up on a new host, and early indications are this is a good move.  Unfortunately, the blahg is appearing backwards, with the oldest posts showing up first.  Once I fix that, I’ll be able to sort through and figure out what’s missing from the move and get going again on updates.  […]

  • Down time

    Lately, the site has been down a lot.  I have tried to make some updates but haven’t been able to most times when I’ve had free time because the site has had trouble.  I’m seeing a lot of errors in my web logs, but when I contacted my hosting provider in the past I was […]

  • Quick draw

    For my gun enthusiast visitors. I worked with a fellow years ago who claimed to have a rated speed of 0.02 seconds for draw and fire motion of his handgun. I was skeptical, but knew this guy to not be one to brag in general, so I tentatively accepted his claim although I never could […]

  • Too much pr0n? -or- How can you even surf that much pr0n?

    According to rule 34, there is a pr0n for everything on the intarw3bs – if you can think it, there is pr0n for it. Given that, it’s probably unsurprising for most people to know that many people surf for pr0n at some point in their intarw3bs-life (note: I have not been able to verify those […]

  • D.C. Madam suicide

    RIP D.C. Madam – suicide by nylon rope

  • Purple Turtle Products – outstanding bookseller

    Recently I ordered a copy of the book Virtual LEGO: The Official Guide To LDraw Tools for Windows from the Amazon seller Purple Turtle Products. I buy from Amazon sellers all the time, and normally don’t post anything about them. However, Barbara and Purple Turtle Products were so amazing to deal with when my […]