Month: October 2006

  • A “WTF is this publication?” moment

    While reading various conservative political web sites, I stumbled on a link to this Ignatiuis book/DVD/CD called “The Da Vinci Hoax.” The summary in the ad where I saw this indicated this publication would “…expose the many errors and fabrications found in The Da Vinci Code.” Naturally, I couldn’t skip finding out all the factual […]

  • Today in history – Harry Houdini dies

    October 31, 1926: Harry Houdini, the most celebrated magician and escape artist of the 20th century, dies of peritonitis in a Detroit hospital. Twelve days before, Houdini had been talking to a group of students after a lecture in Montreal when he commented on the strength of his stomach muscles and their ability to withstand […]

  • Further PlayStation 3 availability cuts announced

    Right now, this only affects gamers in Japan, where Sony has announced a cutback from 100,000 consoles down to 80,000. Put this on top of the delayed launch for the PS3 in Europe, and you get the picture that something like 80% of the initial PS3 offering is for customers in North America. At this […]

  • Acid swirl

  • Time obsession

    An obsession with watches

  • Firefox 2 tweaks

    Tweaks to improve your experience with the new Firefox 2.0 browser

  • Excellent net neutrality explanation

    A guide to net neutrality and why those opposiing it are wrong

  • Privacy enhanced computer display

    If you work on anything where you really need to protect what is displayed from inadvertant viewing, perhaps you need one of Mitsubishi’s new privacy enhanced computer displays. The short explanation of how the display works is that it rapidly draws the intended image along with the inverse of that image. You wear special glasses […]

  • Worth1000 Star Wars celebrities contest

    I just spent a little bit of time catching up on Worth1000 contests. I didn’t like many of the recent ones, honestly, but going back about a week came on a winning contest with scads of entries – Star Wars scenes with other celebrities in them. There are 10 pages of entrants, and the first […]

  • Neighborhood statistics

    Tons of statistics on your neck of the woods on Here are some details about my zip code:

  • 50 worst game names ever

    You see them, and you wonder WTF the marketing folks were thinking. For example: #45 – Wild Woody – Wild Woody was also the the star of this game, a bright yellow No. 2 pencil that threw sticks of dynamite. Welcome to the mascot graveyard. and #43 – Princess Tomato in Salad Kingdom – And […]

  • Scott Adams, man of the perfect comparison

    A friend recently shared with me the link to Scott Adams’ (of Dilbert fame) blog post discussing regaining his voice after 18 months being unable to converse in a normal tone.  Recently, Scott posted another article which included a comment about all the traffic and feedback he’s gotten on that article.  Going from 25,000 hits […]