Further PlayStation 3 availability cuts announced

Right now, this only affects gamers in Japan, where Sony has announced a cutback from 100,000 consoles down to 80,000. Put this on top of the delayed launch for the PS3 in Europe, and you get the picture that something like 80% of the initial PS3 offering is for customers in North America. At this point, I’m just wondering if/when an announcement will be made with cutbacks for the US and Canadian markets, too. Just a couple weeks from launch, and Sony still doesn’t know how many consoles they are actually capable of putting out?

Man, I so wish I had gotten in a pre-order on a PS3, just so I could make a couple thousand dollars selling it on ebay. Gamers spend some crazy money to be the geek with the biggest, bestest, mostest toys.

…Turns out that Sony will only have 80k of the elusive PS3s prepped by the November 11th for the Japanese launch, due to another component woe. With pretty much every available pre-order slot in the country already snapped up by next-gen hopefuls, and even some of those orders on the fritz, it looks like the best chance you’ll have to get the console in The Land of the Rising Sun next month will be to line up outside a non-pre-order retailer and hope for the best. Dress warm!

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