Day: July 6, 2006

  • Flipper Critters DS video

    (via 4ColorRebellion) I love pinball. I want a pinball machine for home, but haven’t found a decent one at a price I can/will pay. While searching for that pinball deal, I resign myself to PC based pinball simluators. While this provides entertainment, it’s missing the tactile experience one gets with real pinball. Going the other […]

  • Large parts of SCO lawsuit thrown out

    (via Ars Technica) In part of the ongoing lawsuit in which SCO claims it will prove something it has so far failed to prove in 3 years, Magistrate Brooke C. Wells of the US District Court in Salt Lake City has dismissed 182 of SCO’s 294 claims. The dismissal is part of a 39-page ruling […]

  • Nintendo sends President Bush a DS and Brain Age game for birthday

    (via Engadget) As a “Happy Birthday” gift, Nintendo has sent a Nintendo DS Lite to the President and the game Brain Age.  For those not familiar with the game, Brain Age is a game which supposedly helps improve mental function and delays age related memory loss.  This seems like an attempt at a humorous slap […]

  • Nintendo DS browser missing some “essentials”

    (via DS Fanboy) The latest bit of info from IGN concerning the Nintendo DS browser (based on Opera, by the way), indicates it will be missing some features considered essential by some.  Which essentials?  Well, the browser won’t support Flash media, viewing PDF or video files, nor playing back sound.  Also, you will not be […]

  • Why you should destroy your own hard drives

    This Security Awareness article is old news now, but still required reading if you missed it the first go around. The basis of the story is simple – a couple paid for an upgraded hard drive on their system and received assurances from the Best Buy techs that the drive would be destroyed so no […]

  • Sperm have a sense of smell

    Here’s a little bit of news that I doubt many people knew. The fine folks at SEED magazine have published a short about the sense of smell that sperm have. A new study published in the journal Analytical Chemistry shows that sperm have a sense of smell. Further, it’s so sophisticated that even an ovarian […]

  • Diaries of Columbine cowards released

    Over at CNN, we find out that the diaries of the cowards responsible for the Columbine attack have been released to the public. We can learn a little about the jack-holes responsible for the attack from these, and maybe a little about their families, as well. On a calendar entry dated the day of the […]

  • US working on joint action on North Korea

    Reuter’s has a brief article up today about the US response to North Korea’s recent test firing of long-range missiles. I’m watching for news on this, because I want to see inspiring leadership from our administration on this issue. To me, this is a good start, but I’ll be watching how we continue to deal […]

  • AOL attemping to remain relevant

    (via Ars Technica) After suffering massive declines in subscription numbers, America Online has changed directions in an attempt to remain relevant. While still charging for dial-up access, the company has announced plans to offer the AOL service for free to broadband users. This effectively changes the company from a subscription based business to a primarily […]

  • How to avoid jail after ruining many peoples’ lives

    Well, a round of applause to Ken Lay.  It seems Mr. Lay was able to figure out a way to avoid being indicted for screwing so many people out of so much money.  Yesterday, Ken Lay died of a heart attack while vacationing in Colorado.  He expired just two days shy of the anniversary of […]

  • Happy Birthday George!

    Well, well, well. Mr. President turned 60 today. I have to say, he looks damn good for a 60 year old man. I don’t look that good at 36, so I won’t even make the normal “I hope I look that good at that age” comment, because no one that knows me and all my […]